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Bamboo that brings good luck and happiness

Spirally twisted thick shoots called "Happiness Bamboo" are often found on sale. They are sold as individual piece goods, in a bouquet with flowers or several shoots collected together. Such shoots can be kept in water or in a hydrogel, and when they take root, they can be planted in soil and grown as a houseplant. Less often, pyramids of their already rooted shoots are sold. In fact, this, of course, is not any bamboo, but Dracaena Sander (Dracaena sanderiana).

Dracaena sanderiana, or Bamboo of happiness

The fashion for such "bamboo" came from China. The already well-known doctrine of Feng Shui extends its rules and regulations not only to the arrangement of burial places (with which, in general, it began), but also to the creation of gardens and indoor floriculture.

In China, there are centuries-old traditions and customs associated with the "bamboo of happiness." According to the doctrine, the "bamboo of happiness" brings health and happiness to the inhabitants of the house, financial well-being, promotes the flow of positive energy, maintains a good mood, strengthens friendships and love relationships, and ensures longevity. Just like in a fairy tale - I put a bamboo sprig in the eastern corner of the bedroom, and happiness has come to you for life. That would be so in reality! Through such a belief in a miracle, and even in Feng Shui, they often give the most incredible advice and predictions, so approach them soberly and critically.

But be that as it may, but in China it is customary to give a happy bamboo, and not just like that, but with meaning. Several shoots of the "bamboo of happiness" are placed in a floor vase at the entrance to the house, thus showing respect for the guest and providing him with a charge of positive energy. In addition, there is a tradition when a guest is presented with a stem from a bundle that the owner of the house has.

The Chinese consider the "bamboo of happiness" to be an ideal gift, so they give it for any reason: for housewarming, opening a new company, wedding, etc.

According to an ancient custom, Chinese newlyweds present each guest at the wedding with 3 stalks of bamboo, which means a guarantee of the duration of the marriage bond and a happy marriage of the young.

Dracaena Sandera, or Bamboo of HappinessDracaena Sandera, or Bamboo of Happiness

The number of bamboo shoots in the composition is not accidental and has a sacred meaning:

  • if they wish for happiness, they give three escapes;
  • for financial well-being, the bouquet should have five stems;
  • wish of health and longevity - a bouquet of seven shoots;
  • if they want all kinds of blessings at once, they are presented with a bouquet of twenty-one stems.

But not only an odd number of stems is permissible. So, it is enough to remove just one stem from the "Common Good" bouquet, and you will get the "Tower of Love". Such a gift is regarded in China as a gesture of care, friendship and compassion. If you place this composition in the south, east or southeast of the house, then it will no longer symbolize warmth and care, but will attract wealth and prosperity. That's how confusing it is.

The inhabitants of the Celestial Empire use many ways, with the help of which, they believe, it is possible to further enhance the magical properties of the "bamboo of luck". For example, if you use red and gold ribbons, tying bundles of shoots with them, put them in transparent glass vases, and even hang talismans on the curls of the stems - the house will become well, just a full bowl.

Chinese flower growers are also convinced that pots for the "bamboo of luck" need to be selected not simple, but necessarily with images of sacred animals, for example, a toad, panda, dragon or elephant, and then help in attracting good luck and happiness is guaranteed to you!

Try it, and suddenly it really helps!