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We form the dracaena ourselves

I'll tell you how I cut my dracaena marginata. I bought it with a height of about 25 cm. I brought it up to 30 cm. She already had 4 tops, the diameter of the trunk of each apex was about 8 mm.

I cut off 2 tops and put them in an opaque tube in activated charcoal water, they gave roots after about a month. She sprinkled the cut stems with charcoal and immediately soaked 2 ordinary paper napkins in warm water. With each napkin, warm and wet, I wrapped the stems and pulled polyethylene on top (but not over the entire pot, but only on the stems).

Using hot scissors, I cut out 2 mini-bags from a transparent bag so that the excess polyethylene does not interfere, but of sufficient size so that it does not interfere with the kidneys' growth. And that's all, every two days I repeated this procedure again, that is, I removed the old dry napkins, and wrapped the trunks with warm wet napkins and again in bags. After 3 weeks, 3 buds came out on one stem, on the other 2 from different sides. So this is the surest way to get the kidneys out.

Normal 0 false false false RU X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Pruning was carried out in mid-April, did not leave leaves on the stems at all, left the stems about 4-5 cm long.Cut carefully so that there was a distance of about 2 from the cut to the nearest bud mm, then a new shoot crawls out, as it were, in place of the old one, plus more shoots on the side. She watered Dracena often, but little, sprayed the trunk and leaves, fed them a couple of times with organic matter, a very weak solution. And she also turned towards the light with the side where the tops were cut off. To be honest, it was much more difficult for me to root the cut tops than to awaken the buds. Now I have several fuzzies growing on one and the other trunk, very beautiful.

The photo shows that the dracaenka is very small ... But I decided to make it fluffy, with a lush crown.

I hope my little experience will help someone in this difficult task.