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Cucumber Absolute - a professor among cucumbers

An early parthenocarpic hybrid of a cucumber. Cold-resistant, has a complex resistance to a number of diseases and gives an early harvest of medium hillock greens genetically without bitterness and voids. Plants are climbing, indeterminate, slightly branched. Begin to bear fruit in 45-50 days. The cucumbers are dark green, 10-12 cm long, are great fresh and retain a ringing crunch with various processing methods. Feel free to marinate them, salt them, preserve them, and you will be assured of wonderful crispy delicacies on the table.

Cucumber Absolute F1Cucumber Malyuta F1

Cucumber Malyuta - bears fruit until frost, well, very tasty!

Early ripe bundle gherkin parthenocarpic. The plant is medium-growing and medium-branched. Fruits are cylindrical, large-tuberous, white-thorny, dark green, very dense, 9-10 cm long, weighing 80-90 g. Differs in cold resistance and disease resistance, due to which it bears fruit before frost. The yield is high - up to 6.5 kg of fruit can be obtained from one plant in a greenhouse per season. Has established itself in private households for its unsurpassed taste (delicate skin, no voids, no bitterness) and long-term fruiting. One of the most delicious cucumbers, highly resistant to powdery mildew.

Cucumber Madagascar - maximum yield, resistance to hookiness

High-yielding, high-value hybrid. A find for professionals.

Excellent early maturing gherkin parthenocarpic. Under good growing conditions, bunchy fruiting - 2-4 ovaries per node. The plant is medium-growing, medium-branched. Zelentsy are leveled, cylindrical, dark green, weighing 80-90 g. The yield is very high, resistance to diseases, long-term fruiting - until the end of the period of biologically active temperature. It also has a high taste of fruits, the output of marketable products is 100%. Heat-resistant, high-quality fruits, uniform in shape and size.

Cucumber Madagascar F1Cucumber Gendarme F1

Cucumber Gendarme - 6-8 ovaries per knot

The early parthenocarpic cucumber hybrid Gendarme F1 is able to compete with the most famous foreign and domestic samples. Despite its formidable name, it is docile and obedient in the hands of even the most inexperienced summer residents.

Cucumber Gendarme F1 - early ripening parthenocarpic hybrid, from germination to fruit ripening - only 39-46 days. Climbing plants, indeterminate, female flowering type. The hybrid ties from 6 to 8 ovaries in a knot, without pollination by bees and other insects, so in any weather conditions you will receive a guaranteed harvest of wonderful greens. Very tasty, with a beautiful small-tuberous surface, 9-11 cm long. Fruits of bright green color, weighing 85-95 g, genetically without bitterness and voids. With regular collection, you can get excellent pickles (ovaries 1-3 cm), gherkins (3-6 cm) and greens (up to 10 cm), which are great for pickling, pickling and salads. They are great fresh, always keep a ringing crunch with various processing methods. Plants are stress-resistant, tolerate temperature changes well both in open ground and in various film shelters. Hybrid Gendarme F1 quickly adapts to unfavorable growing conditions, is resistant to low illumination and a complex of the most harmful diseases.

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