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Farm greenhouses "Farmer"

Greenhouse "Farmer" is intended for industrial cultivation of agricultural crops in farms. However, the scope of its application is not limited to agriculture: the greenhouse can be used as a warehouse, garage, production room, pool shelter and much more.

You can grow crops in such a greenhouse all year round, providing it with heating. For this, the design provides for the possibility of using modern heat-insulating materials, which will significantly reduce heating costs. Greenhouse "Farmer-7.5" (width 7.5 m) can be equipped with a vestibule, which will serve as additional heat preservation.

The greenhouse frame is made of a special galvanized profile, has an arched shape, consists of arched trusses, connected by purlins, and end structures. Greenhouse width - 4.2 m; 4.5 m; 5 m or 7.5 m, height - from 3 to 4 m. The length of the greenhouse can be any multiple of 2.1 m. The minimum length is 4.2 m. The largest dimensions of the frame parts do not exceed 3.1 meters.

The greenhouse frame is assembled with bolts and nuts. The cover is fastened to the end walls using corner brackets. The top is fastened using special fastening profiles "polyscrape". Recommended thickness of cellular polycarbonate coating is 6 mm, and 8 mm, 10 mm can also be used.

The greenhouse can be installed on a foundation or on the ground with the burial of foundation racks. At the request of the customer, side vents for ventilation are installed with a manual or electric automated drive.

Independently by the customer, electric fans for forced ventilation can be installed in the upper part of the end walls. Forced ventilation can provide any required volume of air exchange.