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Bouquet for mom

Mother's Day is an international holiday in honor of mothers. On this day, it is customary to congratulate mothers and pregnant women. In different countries, this day falls on different dates. During the twentieth century, Mother's Day began to be celebrated in 53 states of the world: in addition to European countries and the United States, it is celebrated in Bahrain, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and other most remote corners of the planet. In Russia, Mother's Day has officially existed since 1998, but, unfortunately, this holiday has not yet received wide distribution in our country.

Mother's Day takes a special place among the many holidays celebrated in any country in the world. This is a holiday to which no one can remain indifferent, because each of us was brought to this world by our mother. On this day, I would like to say words of special gratitude to all mothers on Earth who give their children love, tenderness and affection.

Mother's Day is officially celebrated in our country on the last Sunday of November. The end of November is the pre-winter, on such days most of all I want to feel the care of loved ones. Such a simple and at the same time such a wonderful way to please your mother is to give her a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Professional florists say that choosing and creating a bouquet for a mom is a special job. No wonder a bouquet for mom in floristry is often called the king of tenderness. Which flowers to choose - roses or carnations, tulips or orchids, chrysanthemums or chamomile - more than ever depends only on what kind of flowers your mother loves. It's great if a flower arrangement or bouquet created for her can serve as a magical bridge to the past, returning her to some particularly vivid and happy memories. And, of course, these flowers should once again remind your mother how much you love her and value her, express all your gratitude to her for constantly giving you love and care.

"Different mothers are needed, all kinds of mothers are important." Who does not know how difficult it is sometimes to please a mother? If you don't know exactly what flowers your mom prefers, you will have to go through analytical selection. Just think about your mom. What is she like? So, for a mother - an inveterate summer resident, most likely, not luxurious flowers, but modest ones, for example, field flowers, are suitable, but a mother, a business woman, will rather like some rare, exotic flowers.

Many older women will love flowering pot plants. After all, they will delight them for a long time, and maybe for many years. And such potted plants as, for example, azaleas will delight them with their bright colors and delicate aroma even in the winter cold.

A special choice of colors should be made for the young mother. The appearance of a baby (not even the first!) Is always the most unforgettable and exciting event in the life of any woman. A happy dad should be especially responsible when choosing flowers for a woman who has just acquired this status - a young mother. In no case should you give preference to strongly smelling flowers, because newborns are very sensitive to allergens found in pollen.

This fall, florists especially recommend not skimping on the most luxurious bouquets for mothers. Compositions of creamy beige roses are in fashion, which can be diluted with dark pink orchids and decorated with beads of bright colors. Or give your mom a huge bunch of red, pink, or yellow roses. A large bouquet made of roses of different colors will also look spectacular.

But do not despair if you do not have the opportunity to present your mother with a luxurious expensive bouquet, even a small flower presented with sincere love can make her the happiest in the world!

Mother's Day gives us all a great opportunity to once again show our love to the most important women in our life - our mothers.Present your mom with flowers and you will feel happier!