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How to grow a date palm from seed

Common date, or finger (Phoenix dactylifera)

To begin with, the dates sold in stores are the fruits of the common date, or date palm. (Phoenix dactilifera)... This is a completely different species, unlike the Canary date (Phoenix canariensis) or Robelen's date (Phoenix roebelini), which are most often grown indoors and sold in flower shops.

In the open ground of warm countries, this is a palm tree up to 30 m high with a high simple trunk and feathery leaves up to 5 m long. In indoor conditions, a plant grown from seeds also becomes large over time and sometimes reaches the ceiling. Naturally, it never blooms and does not bear fruit (by the way, more often plants are dioecious).

Growing a date palm from seeds is not difficult. For this, seeds extracted from fresh or dried fruits are suitable. The main thing is to use them immediately after extraction.

To begin with, clear the seeds from the pulp as much as possible and place for a day or two in a glass of water at room temperature in a warm place (water must be changed 2-3 times). The remnants of the pulp will swell and easily scrape off so that mold does not form after planting.

After that, you can plant immediately in a slightly moist palm soil vertically and wait for shoots, not forgetting about poor watering. Waterlogging should not be allowed. Seedlings usually appear in 2-3 weeks.


However, it is helpful to pre-germinate the seeds in vermiculite. To do this, vermiculite is slightly moistened (water is added a little, literally a couple of spoons, so as not to overmoisten the substrate), placed in a plastic container. Seeds are placed in it, lightly sprinkled with the same vermiculite, tightly closed and placed in a warm place, closer to the radiator. If the vermiculite dries up, a little water is added during the germination process).

Further, it is important not to miss the moment of germination, it comes with this method of germination much earlier, after 1-2 weeks. Once the woody seeds have hatched, they are planted in containers filled with palm soil. In this case, damage to the roots must not be allowed, otherwise nothing will grow.

At first, you can plant seeds in small containers with a volume of 0.3-0.5 liters. First, a single juvenile simple leaf will appear, and later an “arrow” of 2-3 leaves. Watch the drain hole during this period. The root should not have time to penetrate into it before transplanting into a large container. The date palm does not like transplants at all, therefore, the plants must be transferred into a larger pot with a lump, trying not to damage the root (at first it forms one, long). With damage to the roots, the plant dies.

Well, then provide the seedlings with a bright place and fertilizing with fertilizers for palm trees or decorative deciduous plants. Development is slow at first, then accelerates. It is important not to dry the soil to the end, but also not to allow waterlogging.

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