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Large-leaved hydrangea: an overview of new varieties

This review will focus on the varieties of large-leaved garden hydrangeas that have appeared in Russia in the last two or three years.

Nowadays, many different varieties of large-leaved hydrangea (Hydrangeamacrophylla), most of which are intended for indoor conditions and greenhouse conditions, and only some of the varieties are for growing in the open ground of our climatic zone. Therefore, it is often difficult for novice gardeners to choose from this large assortment those varieties that will be suitable for growing in their gardens.

Next, we will talk about varieties that have been tested in our climate, and which grow directly with me with the usual shelter for this culture.

Endless summerEndless summer

Before moving on to the varieties, I want to remind you of the large-leaved winter-hardy hydrangea, which was the first to come to us in Russia (in the early 2000s), its name EndlessSummer (in translation - "Endless summer"). Its main feature is that it blooms on the shoots of the past and current year. At the same time, it has increased winter hardiness, and can winter even without shelter (although this is not recommended). The new varieties I mentioned below have the same characteristics.

  • So let's start with the grade Freepon... The variety is one of the new products. Inflorescences are dense, rounded. Its peculiarity is the strongly corrugated border of the petals. The main shade is blue. The color is recruited gradually, from light blue to blue. The variety looks similar to the variety previously released on the market. Spike.
Green shadows
  • GreenShadows - a variety with dense inflorescences. The petals are shallow. The main shade is red. There are green shadows around the edges of the petals. The color is bright, stable, does not fade.
  • Hopcorn - a feature of the variety is the inflorescences, which have flowers with concave petals, similar to shells. The original heterogeneous color, consisting of two shades - blue and lilac, in combination with the small relief of the petals, creates the effect of a velvet dusting.
  • Koria - brand new. Inflorescences are loose, in the form of an umbrella, with fertile, non-blooming flowers in the middle. But sterile flowers have an original carved toothed edging. The color is white, with a slightly lilac tint in the middle.
  • Liberteen - the variety has large dense inflorescences. The flower petals are curved and have a helical appearance. The color is two-tone, with a transition from blue to lilac. A plant in a lush bloom resembles a birthday cake.
  • Selma - inflorescences are dense, rounded. Their main attraction lies in their heterogeneous color. At the initial moment of flowering, the flowers are white with a dark crimson edging, and only over time, within about two weeks, does it gain a rich red-crimson color. The plant also has dark red foliage.
Schloss wackerbarth
  • ShlossWackerbarth - the variety is new and very original. It is a chameleon whose flowers have three distinct colors - green, crimson and blue. At the beginning of the dissolution, the main color is green, with a crimson tint gradually appearing in the middle. Further, after a while, the flower also has a pronounced blue eye in the middle, which is decorated with long stamens in the form of cilia.
  • Sita Is another hit of the season. The variety is new and also very original. Although the inflorescence has non-blooming fertile flowers, it delights with its unusual sterile flowers. These flowers are large, up to 10 cm in diameter, have petals that are asymmetric in size. The color of the petals is no less original than the shape, namely, it has a pink edging in the areas of relief. From the side, the flowers resemble butterflies sitting in a circle. We did not have similar varieties before.
  • Avantgarde- inflorescences are dense, spherical. The variety stands out from all the others for the huge size of its inflorescences, the diameter of which reaches 30 cm. The variety is presented in five color options - blue, pink, white, lilac and green.
Sweet fantasy
  • SweetFantasy - dense inflorescences. The variety is known for its variegated coloration. The main color is light pink, and the strokes on the petals have a contrasting raspberry hue.

And finally, I want to present several varieties with double inflorescences. The first of them I got a variety HanabiRose from the Japanese series, which has double pink flowers in the inflorescence. Immediately, along with him, a variety from the series appeared You & Me with the title You & MeTogether, in which the inflorescences also have double flowers. Inflorescences are pink and blue in color.

Hanabi roseYou & me

The last terry varieties that have been acquired over the past two years are Fireworks and ShootingStars... The shape of the inflorescences of these varieties resembles fireworks, because sterile double flowers have long pedicels. Hence, the varieties received the corresponding names. Cultivars come in three shades - pure white, white with blue and pink.

Fireworks whiteShooting Stars

I am sure that this review will help hydrangea lovers make an original choice for their gardens. I wish you all successful cultivation of these beautiful plants!

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Material provided by the Pavilion of the All-Russian Exhibition Center "Floriculture and Landscaping"

Spike spike Avantgarde Avantgarde Fireworks White Fireworks White

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