Strawberry spinach jam

Type of preserves and jams Ingredients

Strawberry spinach (berries),



Cooking method

Ripe strawberry spinach, rinse, dry a little on a towel.

For 1 kg of prepared berries for jam, you will need 1 kg of sugar.

Boil the syrup from sugar and water. Cool down.

Dip the berries in cold syrup and slowly bring to a boil. Allow to cool completely and brew for 2-6 hours.

Then cook the jam until tender.


For a brighter taste, you can add other berries, citrus zest, strong apples, kiwi to strawberry spinach jam for a brighter taste. A very original and healthy jam is obtained from spinach berries with the fruits of ordinary forest rowan. Also, when cooking, you can add lemon balm or mint leaves, a cinnamon stick to the jam to taste.

When cooking jam, lemon balm, mint, cinnamon, lemon leaves are added to taste.

Author: Lyudmila Belan-Chernogor


In the same way, you can cook jam from strawberry spinach, increasing the cooking time and boiling the jam to the desired density.