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Flowers in the city

Flowers in the city are cramped, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that they strive to conquer a new living space for themselves. And a man comes to their aid, arranging flower beds on balconies, roofs and even ... lamp posts.

Floral carpet in Ghent, BelgiumNot so long ago, the ancient Belgian city of Ghent became the arena of world achievement, listed in the Guinness Book of Records. In the center of the city, at a height of 26 meters, the "Ghent Flower Basket" was mounted on special metal structures. It was invented and executed by Jos de Troillet, who decided to break the record held by the British. The world's largest flower basket, made in England, had a diameter of 8 meters 93 cm. The Belgian grower increased the world record by 1.5 meters at once. Its floral masterpiece is 10.5 meters across and weighs neither more nor less than 45 tons. It took 32 thousand flowers to decorate such a "basket". Under the tent of this unprecedented flora-attraction, the Flower Square with a pond, colorful flower beds and cozy cafes was arranged. Ampel plants and souvenir mini-baskets were sold in kiosks along the walking path. And going up the stairs or by elevator to the very top, one could see the whole Flower Square and admire the panorama of the famous historical center of Ghent.

One of the Ghent flower baskets
Hanging baskets at the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow
Flower baskets have recently become commonplace for Russian citizens. But vertical flower beds are just beginning to inhabit our streets. They are containers for plants arranged in tiers. This design does not require much space in the base, but it has a large effective volume for planting plants vertically, which significantly increases the total area of ​​urban landscaping, which means it is very environmentally friendly. Such flower beds are in perfect harmony with the verticals of multi-storey buildings, and with the open space of squares, but they are especially irreplaceable where the territory is limited.

Plants in vertical beds, due to the tiered arrangement, are in equal conditions in terms of growing conditions - illumination, humidity, nutrition. Except for watering, they practically do not require maintenance - loosening, weed control, which significantly reduces maintenance costs. And you can even bypass the planting stage by buying or renting ready-made vertical beds with well-grown plants that immediately have a highly decorative look. But creative people should not deprive themselves of the pleasure of creating their own, unique composition, which in a couple of weeks will be just as beautiful, and even allow significant savings.

Vertical flower beds on Pushkin Square

Various manufacturers offer vertical flower beds made of concrete, plastic, stainless steel - all of them are suitable for growing plants. It is only necessary to take into account that plastic is the least durable, concrete is too heavy, and metal, reminiscent of the Hi-teck style, will not always be in harmony with the decoration of the building and the surrounding landscape. True, over time they will be covered by plants, and this deficiency will disappear.