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Summer bouquets of gladioli and callas: 100% energy and style

Looking for stylish flowers and colors for a summer bouquet? Gladioli and callas can be used to make wonderful bouquets. These flowers never go out of style, and there is a wide selection of zantedeschia and gladioli with bright pink, fiery red and dark purple, as well as snow white or bright yellow flowers. Treat yourself to a bold bouquet for your living room. The solar energy of these summer bulbs will recharge your batteries 100%!


The leaves of gladioli are similar in shape to a sword, which explains one of their widespread names: the sword. Gladioli symbolize strength and victory, they are often given to men and those who have achieved some special success.

Gladioli are perfectly combined in a bouquet with other summer flowers. High inflorescences of gladioli give the bouquet a spectacular and very elegant and solemn look. Create a gorgeous bouquet of gladioli and other tall flowers such as lilies and zantedeses.

Gladiolus Amsterdam ®Gladiolus Cassis
Gladiolus OvatieGladiolus


Zantedeskia (calla lilies) are native to the highly humid regions of South Africa. Over the past decade, great changes have taken place in the varietal diversity of Zantedeschia. For example, varieties of zantedeschia of various types and with flowers of various colors appeared. The ultra-modern look of zantedeschia allows us to safely call it one of the most stylish flowers. Calla lilies are very popular for cutting due to their unusually spectacular appearance, as well as the fact that these flowers are perfectly preserved and stand in a vase for a very long time.

Calla Hot ShotCalla Captain Romance ®
Calla Florex GoldCalla Majestic Red

How to care for gladioli and calla lilies in a vase

There are two important tricks to keep these summer flowers in a vase for a long time: air temperature and absolutely pure water. If bacteria begin to multiply in the water, the flowers will quickly fade. By following these tips, you can enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers for a very long time.

Gladioli, zantedeschia and dahlias can be placed in the same vase, as none of these flowers release harmful substances into the water that could degrade the quality of the cut flowers in the vase.

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