Useful information

How to plant rhodendrons correctly

It is better to plant and transplant rhododendrons in spring or early autumn no later than the first decade of September. If the root system is closed, then at any time, except for the flowering period.

The root system of rhododendrons is very compact. The pit for planting is prepared 2 times wider and deeper than the root ball, approximately 40x40x40 cm.The soil consists of 1/3 of sod land, 1/3 of high peat, 1/3 of organic materials: coniferous soil, rotted pine bark, half-rotted cow dung. The proportion of sod land can be reduced in favor of other components. 40-50 g of simple superphosphate, ammonium sulfate and potassium sulfate are added to the planting pit, everything is well mixed.

Before planting, the rhododendron must be well shed with water, and if the lump is dry, then immersed in water for several hours. The plant is planted so that the root collar is at the same level as before - a high or low planting will adversely affect flowering and may even lead to the death of the rhododendron. After planting, the bush is shed well and mulched with high peat, pine bark, needles, oak leaves or cut grass. If there are a lot of buds, then some of them are broken out.