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Choosing roses. Landscaping tips

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Every garden owner wants to be able to admire the beautiful views and bright flower beds. Not only the duration of flowering is appreciated in the design, but also the stable decorativeness of the plant throughout the season. Therefore, when planning flower beds and mixborders, it is impossible to do without roses. Moreover, it is advisable to use roses that are resistant to diseases and do not require special shelter for the winter.

Who among us will refuse to admire the blooming roses all summer and not fool around in the fall with their shelter and bending, and in the spring with opening? Perhaps many experienced rose growers will say that such a luxury is from the realm of fantasy. But this is not fiction, it is canadian roses... If you are a beginner or an extremely busy rose grower, I highly recommend trying Canadian-bred roses. Their unpretentiousness is worthy of respect. Nor are these simple rose hips. Many varieties have a double and semi-double flower shape, and in some varieties the flowers resemble classic hybrid tea roses in shape. The colors of the flowers are also varied. Now among them there are enough varieties not only with red flowers, but also with white, salmon, pink ones. In addition, all Canadians bloom profusely and continuously throughout the season until frost.

In recent years, climbing roses have appeared among Canadian roses. "John Cabot» ("John Cabot"), "Henry Kelsey " ("Henry Kelsey"). Having a beautiful climbing rose that does not require removal from a support and shelter is the dream of any gardener.

Henry kelsey

Also, the advantage of Canadian-selected roses can be attributed to their stable decorativeness: a beautiful balanced bush shape, healthy green foliage that covers the bush from top to bottom. In addition, they are distinguished by high frost resistance (from -300C to -450C) and resistance to diseases of roses - black spot and powdery mildew. They are not too demanding on light and can show lush bloom in partial shade and even in the shade. In addition, Canadians are easily propagated by cuttings. If your dream is a blooming hedge of roses, then it is Canadian roses that will allow you to bring it to life without much difficulty and extra cost.

In addition to Canadian landscape roses, English roses of the "David Austin Roses" company are now widely represented in our market. English breeder David Austin (David Austin) in the 70s bred amazing varieties that have the charm and scent of old roses, but unlike them, they bloom continuously throughout the season and are more resistant to diseases. This group of roses has a lot of advantages: flowers amazing in shape and color and, of course, smell. These roses are for those who love scents. I will list the main aromas: fruity, citrus, kiwi, apple, antique, pink, musk, honey, almond. Sounds like music! Among the English roses, there are those that can be grown on supports, such as climbing.

William Shakespeare 2000

English roses have a very beautiful almost spherical bush, covered from top to bottom with amazingly beautiful large flowers of various colors. The color of the flowers ranges from pale pink to crimson, from charming apricot and peach to golden yellow and copper-orange, from red to purple-violet. It was David Austin who created the delightful rose William Shakespeare 2000. ("William Shakespeare 2000"), which has a unique color from carmine red buds to a wide open bowl of purple-violet.

When choosing English roses, you should pay attention to the fact that roses with a large number of petals have a drooping curved shape of branches. If you do not like it, choose roses with an erect bush shape "Port Sunlight ",Queen of Sweden, "The Pilgrim", William Shakespeare 2000.

Queen of sweden

Pay attention to the variety "Mary rose”, In England it is considered one of the most widespread roses.

All Austin roses are suitable for use not only in rose gardens, but also in mixborders, as they have a beautiful leaf mass that covers the bush from the ground itself. For the same reason, they can be used as tapeworms. At the same time, roses are characterized by disease resistance and good frost resistance.The firm "David Austin Roses" tests its roses for frost resistance in parks in Canada, the most resistant varieties of roses (41 in total) are imported to Russia.

Today the flower market is diverse and has many beautiful roses from various manufacturers. Every gardener must make his own choice. I think that other firms do not sell roses for beginners... They are more demanding to care for and moody. I advise you to start with those that I have listed, and then you will figure it out for yourself.

Welcome to the ranks of rose growers!

You can buy these and other roses at the Flower Growers of Moscow Center, tel. 691-93-15, 695-49-35 and 691-77-34,

Alexander Mckenzie Alexander Mckenzie Belle Poitevine Belle Poitevine Captain Samuel Holland Captain Samuel Holland Cuthbert Grant Cuthbert Grant David Thompson David Thompson Frau Dagmar Hastrup Frau Dagmar Hastrup Frontenac Frontenac Henry Hudson Henry Hudson Henry Kelsey Henry Kelsey Hope for Humanity Hope for Humanity Marden Amorette Marden Amorette Mary Bugnet Mary Bugnet Modern belle modern belle Morden centennial morden centennial Morden fireglow morden fireglow Morden Sunrise Morden Sunrise Roseraie de l'hay Roseraie de l'hay Therese Bugnet Therese Bugnet Abraham Darby Abraham Darby Charlotte charlotte Claire Austin Claire Austin Crown Princess Margaret Crown Princess Margaret Falstaff Falstaff Games Galway Games Galway Golden Celebration Golden Celebration Grace Grace Jubilee Celebration Jubilee Celebration L.D. Braithwaite L.D. Braithwaite Mary Rose Mary Rose Pat Austin Pat Austin Pegasus pegasus Port Sunlight Port Sunlight Queen of Sweden Queen of Sweden Summer Song Summer Song The Pilgrim The Pilgrim William Shakespeare William Shakespeare