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Rooting begonias with leafy cuttings

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Natalia, Tula region

Rooted leaves

In October, I cut off not the best leaves from begonias, which spoiled their appearance. I didn't throw it away, dipped it in Kornevin and put it in a glass of water. A month later, good roots formed. I planted them in small bowls, which I also decided to save on. I made them from empty cans (for example: from under condensed milk - I made holes with a screwdriver at the bottom of the can for water drainage, pasted over the walls with self-adhesive wallpaper).

I put drainage at the bottom, rooted in the soil for begonias. They stood at me just open in the kitchen on the bedside table, a meter from the window. Watered as the soil dries, sometimes just sprayed the soil. I watered it once every 2 weeks with Zircon (1-2 drops per glass of water). The first shoots appeared a month later.

In the entire rooting process, only one stalk died - it rotted about three weeks after planting.

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