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What is Lacfiol?

Cheiranthus cheiri The Snow Queen

Lakfiol, yellowfiol, jaundice, heirantus - all these names belong to the same plant, and far from exotic, from the cabbage family.

Lakfiol in translation means - red violet, and the names of jaundice and yellow violet are given according to the color of the flower, because their main natural color is yellow. At the moment, many hybrid varieties of different shades and colors have been bred. In general, lacfiol is similar to its relative in the family - Levkoy.

About 100-200 years ago, lacfiol was very popular with flower growers, gradually interest in this plant began to fall, and now it is not often possible to see it in flower beds.

The plant itself is not spectacular, but it looks very beautiful in a group, and most importantly, the flowers have a rather strong pleasant scent of lilac.

The birthplace of lacfioli is the southern regions of Greece.

The plant contains a poisonous substance - a glycoside! When growing, you need to be careful with it!

Heirantus Cheri (Cheiranthuscheiri), or jaundice Cherie (Erysimum cheiri) - an annual plant with a height of 40 to 100 cm, stems are thin, pubescent, straight or branched. The leaves are oblong, thin, gray-green. The flowers are small, 2–2.5 cm in diameter, collected in a racemose inflorescence. Petals with marigolds, rounded, tapering towards the base. Flowers can be simple and double - yellow, brown, orange, purple, variegated.

Cheiranthus cheiri The Snow Queen


Growing lacfioli

Growing conditions... Lakfiol is a cold-resistant, drought-resistant plant, does not like waterlogging, therefore the soils should be calcareous, loamy, loose, without stagnant water, nutritious. The place is sunny and open.

Sowing... Seeds are sown for seedlings in March, not deeply deepening, watered carefully from a spray bottle. When 2 true leaves appear, the seedlings must be cut into separate containers. Plant in open ground at the end of May, after spring frosts. Lacfiol will bloom at the end of July.

Care usual - fertilizing with mineral fertilizers during the period of active growth and before flowering, when planting, it is advisable to apply organic fertilizer. Watering is regular, but moderate. For lush tillering at the beginning of the growing season, the tops can be pinched.

Lakfiol is suitable for growing in group plantings, in containers, baskets, pots.

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