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Vitalizer NV-101 - a stimulant and a source of silicon for plants

For several centuries people have been engaged in agriculture, and a long time ago they noticed that the longer you plant your favorite land, the worse the harvest becomes every year - the plants pull out everything useful from the soil and it becomes impoverished. So what can you do about it? And liquid fertilizers, and granules, and gels, and even sticks - which you just will not find on the shelves of modern stores. Eyes run up - what to choose? After all, I want to have a rich harvest, and the trees on the site are lush, and lawns are in vogue now ... So what do our plants need?

It turns out that there are not so many necessary elements, the most basic of which are nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and silicon. The first three are known to everyone and are part of almost every mineral fertilizer, but the importance of the fourth is often underestimated, although several decades ago it was found that plants accumulate a significant amount of silicon from the soil in the process of growth, and as a result, new plantings on soil depleted of them are worse grow, bear less fruit and get sick more often. It turns out, how much you don't fertilize the earth, but you still can't do without silicon? Quite right!

Vitalizer HB-101


Why is silicon so important to plants?

Silicon is the second most abundant element on Earth, it is found in absolutely all green plants, and in 1922 Academician Vernadsky classified it as an element that plants absolutely need for normal life, since it performs many important functions. With an increase in the amount of silicon, plants become more resistant to diseases and unfavorable environmental conditions (frost, drought, waterlogging of the soil), the strength of their cell walls improves and the efficiency of photosynthesis, the main process of plant life, increases. Silicon also contributes to the active growth of both the root system and the green part of the plant, it takes part in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates and promotes their transport inside the plant.

All this explains the fact that plants grow better with silicon, ripen faster and bear fruit more actively. This was especially noted for cereals, many scientists believe that the role of silica (silicon oxide - SiO2) for the development of cereals is comparable to the effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers. But they did not forget about orchard crops - they have already calculated how much better tomatoes bear fruit, and how the yield of potatoes increases with the addition of silicon oxide to the soil, the growth and development of legumes, carrots, crucifers, sunflowers, sugar cane, beets and cucumbers improves. We noticed growth stimulation even in grasses, so lovers of luxurious lawns also need to increase the silicon content in the soil of their plots.

There is only one question left - how to do it? It is known, for example, that in ancient Egypt sludge was used to fertilize fields, the silica content of which reached 80%. In our country, back in the 70s of the last century, the question of the production of silicon fertilizers was repeatedly raised, and much attention was paid to the study of the role of this element for plants. And now, for more than 10 years, studies have been conducted on the effect of diatomite (a sedimentary rock consisting of diatom shells and containing silicon) and "Orlovsky zeolite" (a similar rock) on the productivity of various crops. Meanwhile, preparations with silicon have been successfully used in other countries for more than 30 years. The record holder in such practical studies is Japan, and this is not surprising, since one of the most important crops growing there - rice - requires more silicon than many other plants, and therefore the lack of this element in the soil was noticed there for a long time. The solution is practical, environmentally friendly and economical - used vitalizerHB-101.

This is a concentrate of natural plant extracts of Himalayan cedar, pine and cypress - the record holders for silicon content among plants. In these plant extracts, silicon is present in a plant-accessible form and is easily absorbed. In addition, a nutritious protein-vitamin complex improves the condition of the plant itself and the soil. HB-101 even adds oxygen to the soil microorganisms necessary for efficient plant nutrition, thus improving their activity. The preparation also has a granular form, which is very convenient for application to lawns, under fruit and coniferous plants. The granules are created on the basis of volcanic ash, they dissolve in the soil for about 6 months, saturating it with nutrients.

Now HB-101 is used in more than 50 countries of the world, the new product appeared on the Russian market in 2006 thanks to the company Flora. HB-101 immediately won the love of summer residents and professional farmers. HB-101 can be found in online stores. But soon HB-101 promises to appear on the shelves of large stores, where, most likely, it will be a great success, because there are simply no analogues in composition in Russia, and the need to use silicon-containing preparations is growing every day. It should be noted that HB-101 is easy to use and much more economical than other drugs we are used to. It is a pleasure to use it, and the result is visible very quickly. We wish you to see this for yourself.

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