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Tell about a woman with flowers

The language of flowers is simple:

Pick up what you want to say

Don't be verbose


Don't make a bouquet so that no one can understand

And try to be gentle.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)

Flowers have long been used to express the most intimate feelings that could not be spoken or written. The complex language of flowers, Selam, once existed in Turkish harems. It mattered not only how the bouquet was made, but also how it was presented - with the right or left hand, up or down with inflorescences, with or without thorns and leaves. It also mattered how the flowers were taken - pressed to the heart, stuck in the hair, or completely rejected. Since the 17th century, the language of flowers was fashionable in Europe, but over time it was almost lost. Today, you can also see a certain meaning of colors.

Psychologists say that there is some association between the character and temperament of a woman and her flower preferences. Therefore, when going for a bouquet, it is worth taking with you not only a wallet, but also a mental image of your chosen one, in order to "try on" a future flower offering to her. Of course, giving roses is considered a safe bet. But try to be original, connect your imagination, “get into the image”. By the way, according to statistics, not roses are the sales leader by March 8, but true spring flowers are tulips.


Tulip - the flower is graceful, regular, symmetrical. But at the same time it is stable, rich in colors, motley and joyful in the mass. Expression of love. Rather like a woman who is fragile and refined, but self-sufficient, firmly on her feet and not hovering in pink clouds. She is consistent, patient and enduring, receptive to everything new and inclined to experiment. Not distinguished by the ardor of feelings, she is nevertheless sensitive and attentive, responsive to kindness and care and treats her chosen one with respect.


the Rose - the personification of natural beauty and, at the same time, sophistication. A symbol of fiery passion and a sign of good luck. Suitable for a woman who is sophisticated, harmonious and beautiful. Better than other colors, it will emphasize the delicate taste and sensitive nature. For successful ladies, it will serve as a recognition of their achievements. And the thorns in their character should be forgiven in honor of the women's holiday.


Hyacinth - everything is wonderful in it: the look, the color, and the aroma. A flower for a sorceress woman, whose hands can create a luxurious interior by spending mere pennies, a culinary masterpiece made from leftover food, an elegant dress literally made of scraps of fabric. Patient, organized, capable of self-restraint - she was created for the household. But this is not just a housewife, but a creative nature, always full of ideas, capable of seeing the unusual in the simple.


Narcissus - this flower from Greek myth is unlikely to be perceived by anyone as a hint of narcissism, vanity and selfishness. Rather, as a gift for the coming spring. In the language of flowers, daffodil means trust. It will be appreciated by a thin, gentle and poetic woman with artistic taste and an enthusiastic perception of life. Gullible and fragile, in need of male protection.

Orchid - the splendor itself. It contains tenderness, exoticism, pleasure, and sensuality. A super-flower for a woman who knows how to get away from everyday life, create a holiday atmosphere around herself that requires a lot from life and, of course, from men. Sometimes she is capricious and unpredictable, changeable in desires and mood, but she is able to overcome any difficulties and always be "Best of the best"!


Chrysanthemum - a symbol of long life, happiness and prosperity. A flower for sacrificial natures who know how to forgive and sympathize with true oriental wisdom, it is not for nothing that this is the emblem of emperors and a favorite flower in Japan. Such a woman avoids violent feelings and dramatic events, but at the same time is capable of decisive action.The dormant volcano Fujiyama! With a bouquet of chrysanthemums, you can go to your half with a confession, or you can just thank you for your loyalty and responsiveness.


Lily - especially white - a sign of purity, modesty, innocence. Flower for young maidens. But not only for them. The symbol of the French kings, it also denotes greatness. Present a lily to the woman in whom you want to emphasize perfection.


Gerbera a bit like a chamomile, but much more graceful, graceful and richer. Its petals are proportional and geometric. She is best suited for organized women with a good spatial imagination, a sense of form and strong creativity. You will recognize her for her impeccable style and eternal pursuit of order and justice. At the same time, she is tactful, delicate and modest and makes her high demands primarily on herself, and therefore sometimes she is prone to excessive sensitivity, excitement and anxiety.


Carnation - according to Christian beliefs, the personification of love and motherhood. The flower is very familiar and even slightly boring, it is often liked by established natures with stable, perhaps slightly conservative, views. But these are extremely decent people, independent of other people's opinions and not amenable to conformism. Such women are always ready to meet halfway, lend a helping hand, resolve the conflict through negotiations. They themselves are very balanced, they value harmony and constancy in others, and contribute a lot to the formation of ideas about decency.


Pelargonium many perceive it as a bourgeois flower, archaism like a huge ficus in a tub. But how many magnificent new varieties of geranium are now! An excellent gift for a housewife if you want to emphasize her best qualities - reliability, accuracy, hospitality, attentiveness. But not only for her - for any woman who is distinguished by her vitality, keeps the house on herself, like a good mother and a loving wife, and maybe she is its head.

Violet uzambar

Violet denotes innocence, shyness. A good gift for a modest woman who will take care of both the flower and yourself. Quiet and unobtrusive, she is very consistent and thorough. A wonderful hostess and reliable friend.


Cactus immediately suggests needles. Perhaps your chosen one is ruff and is always ready to fight back. But be able to discern in it the love of accuracy, seriousness, order, and the most important and valuable thing - reliability. She hides a tender, sensitive soul behind an external spine and, like no one else, needs patient care and love. But when choosing a cactus, you must be sure that your girlfriend has a sufficient sense of humor, otherwise congratulations may end in discord.

Hopefully no one will take these recommendations seriously. There are so many beautiful flowers, and this article is not about them at all. We just wanted to remind you of the beauty of human relationships, to help you take a fresh look at those who are next to you. Perhaps, having guessed the image of your companion here, you will begin to understand and appreciate her more.

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