Useful information

Peonies in a mixed flower garden

The flower garden will be decorative throughout the season due to the successful selection of flowering and non-flowering plants, the main condition for this is a harmonious combination of various foliage textures and its colors. During the flowering period of peonies, it is important to combine the colors of flowers collected in flowering groups.

It is necessary to remove all unnecessary from the flower garden, leaving only those plants that do not disturb the balance of the composition and its color scheme (I have it lilac-pink-blue with bright yellow flashes).

No need to plant other plants between the peony bushes. Let the ground under the peonies be free for watering, fertilizing, loosening and mulching.

To make peonies look decent all season, it is better to plant them in several groups, dividing them with arrays of plants with a contrasting foliage texture. Daylilies, irises, stonecrop, phytolacca, phlox are suitable for this. Do not add highly growing plants to the peonies. It is necessary to arrange the edge of the flower garden so that it is neat all season - in the edge you can plant undersized irises, heucheras, primroses, violets, badan, cuffs, initial caps, perennial low aster, etc. Create verticals in the flower garden. For this purpose, digitalis and delphiniums are good. I also used Syrian cotton wool, veronicastrum and Chinese miscanthus.

They are very suitable for peonies on the back line of a lily flower garden, but only those species that are combined with peonies in height and agricultural technology.

Do not forget that its size is important for convenient maintenance of a flower garden. The width of the flower garden more than 2 m is already inconvenient. In this case, among the plants there should be "paths" that provide an approach to the plants.

And the main thing is the choice of varieties. If you want to choose the right peonies, then pay attention not only to the shape and color of the flower - in a decorative planting, it is not so much the attractiveness of an individual flower that is important, but their mass and lightness.

It is best if the attractiveness of the flower is combined with the resistance of the flower itself and its stems. For example, the Carol variety is beautiful, but its stems wriggle, this can ruin the whole composition, since the entire row in which it is located often falls apart. This variety is more suitable for cutting or for planting in the background. The Japanese peony Break O'Day is interesting, but Neon is better - the flowers are almost the same color, but Neon has a more compact, profusely flowering bush, and the flowers on it are like light soaring butterflies.