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Kruknek: beneficial properties and uses in cooking

Crooknek squash (Cucurbita pepo var.giraumonas)

Kruknek far surpassed its closest pumpkin counterparts - squash and squash in nutritional value and dietary qualities. The pulp of the kruknek fruit contains a rich set of nutrients and vitamins: protein, copper, potassium, vitamin C, carotene, etc.

Thanks to this composition, kruknek has found wide application in dietary nutrition, as well as in medical nutrition in the presence of diseases such as atherosclerosis, anemia, various diseases of the heart and kidneys. The introduction of kruknek into the diet helps to eliminate harmful cholesterol, excess water and toxins from the body, as well as in the fight against obesity.

Regular consumption of kruknek normalizes metabolism and lowers blood sugar, which is very useful for diabetics. Crooknek seeds not only have a great taste, but also have great benefits - they help cleanse the intestines from parasites and bacteria.

Crooknecs, like other summer squash, are best harvested young. The most delicious are young fruits with soft skin weighing about 300 g. The flesh of a young crooknek tastes sweeter and more tender than that of zucchini, but more dense. Unlike winter pumpkins, which only become sweeter with age, crooknek should be eaten young. As it grows, kruknek acquires an unpleasant texture and loses its original sweet, oily flavor.

In cooking, krukneks are boiled, fried, stewed, pickled, canned, eaten raw.

Kruknek can be used in any recipe that requires squash. The rich sweet taste of kruknek will reveal itself perfectly even simply fried with onions. Kruknek is versatile, it can even be used in baking.

Kruknek is an ideal ingredient for almost any summer vegetarian meal.

Try a simple side dish of chopped young crooknec, onions and tomatoes, seasoned with a little olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and a little Parmesan. Simply place all ingredients in a baking dish and cook for 30 minutes. Sprinkle with your favorite fresh herbs from your own garden before serving. It's simple, fresh, healthy and delicious!

Crooknek fruits are kept in the refrigerator in the vegetable compartment for a week.

For long-term storage, fruits are harvested using the methods of dehydration, freezing or pickling. The dried pieces of crankshaft are used to prepare amazingly delicious vegetarian chips. Freeze crockneck blanched or not blanched, but blanching helps preserve the taste of the young fruit for longer.

Crooknek flowers and leaves are also used for culinary purposes. However, do not pick too many flowers or leaves for your plant to continue to bear fruit properly.

The fruits can be stored for a long time. From autumn to January-February of next year, crookneks lie without spoiling and without losing their taste.

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