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Bidense: Delightful New Strains

Bidense Ferulele BeeDance Painted Red and BeeDance Painted Yellow

In the breeding of any plant, obtaining new, interesting flower colors is one of the main trends. Take bidense, for example. We have not yet had time to fully appreciate the golden bidense ferulele (Bidens ferulifolia) with simple single-row baskets that look like star-shaped flowers with five petals, as the yellow terry variety Tweety appeared with original incised tongues. But the kind of bidense, or the line (Bidens), is large - 249 species, has a large gene pool, so soon a stream of new, brightly colored species, varieties and hybrids literally gushed out. Varieties are selected and are capable of seed propagation. Hybrids are only cuttings.

Bidesz feruleleBidesz Ferrule Tweety

Biden is an unpretentious plant that blooms all summer until late autumn. Suitable for flower beds, and for slides, and for flowerpots, incredibly enriches container compositions from several types of plants. Suitable for summer cottages, balconies and urban landscaping. In some American states, the plant is self-sowing, often filling even gaps in the paving. Thanks to creeping shoots, it can be used as a ground cover plant. But, in my opinion, its main purpose is ampel culture. This is where the plant shows itself in all its glory, hiding the container completely under the flowing stems with small leaves and abundant baskets that appear throughout the summer.

Read more about culture on the page Bidense.

Bidesz ferulele


New varieties of bidense

Bidesz ferulele Taka Tuka - variety with stems 30-40 cm long. Reed flowers in baskets in the center are lemon-yellow, lighter at the edges. In the basket there are 7-9 ligulate petal flowers. Especially good for hanging baskets.

Bidense ferulele Port Royal Double - with yellow semi-double baskets resembling marigolds from afar. The bush looks dense, densely covered with flowers. Selection of the famous Japanese company Suntory.

Ferrule bides Taka TukaBidense Ferulele Port Royal Double

BeeDance Painted Red (Bee Dance Painted Red) - grows up to 30 cm high and 45 cm wide, has a unique color. The yellow color of the stamens continues the yellow spot on the tongues, which have red tips. Baskets have 5-8 ligulate flowers. The dance of the bees is not mentioned in the name in vain - flowers with a honey scent, form a lot of nectar, which attracts many bees. By the way, baskets can serve as a decoration for salads and a component of many dishes, to which their aroma will seem appropriate to you. The cultivar received the Innovation award at the IPM in Essen, Germany as the best plant for flower beds and balconies.

Bidense Ferrule BeeDance Painted Red

Bidense ferulele BeeDance Painted Yellow (Bee Dance Painted Yellow) Is another great variety from the BeeDance line. The ligulate flowers are yellow, with an uneven red smear from the middle of the uvula. Some of the baskets may have a pure yellow color.

Bidense Ferulele BeeDance Painted Yellow

Bidense ferulele BeeDance Red Stripe (Bi Dance Painted Stripe) - a similar variety, with a neat double pale red stripe on yellow tongues. Interestingly, contrasting stripes appear better in cool weather, and in hot weather, the color becomes more yellow.

It is impossible not to mention some of the features of the BeeDance series:

  • The dense branching and short internodes of the plant create a beautiful ampel with a large number of baskets.
  • Early flowering - plants were selected for flowering with a short day (Biden is generally a neutral day plant, usually seedlings require 11 hours of additional light).
  • Continuous flowering, plants are sterile and do not produce seeds (obtaining seeds is a common problem for modern varieties, they are mainly propagated by cuttings).
  • By pinching, controlled growth is carried out, which allows you to balance the composition of several plant species.

Biden three-core (Bidens triplinervia) Hawaiian Flare Red Drop - another, Hispanic species, distributed in nature from the south of Mexico to the north of Argentina. The original form has five bright yellow reeds. This variety is red with a yellow center.

Three-core Biden Hawaiian Flare Red Drop

Biden three-core (Bidens triplinervia) Hawaiian Flare Orange Drop - an even more interesting variety. Bicolor baskets - the bright red color of the reed flowers turns orange to the edge. Both varieties Bidens triplinervia have five reeds, the shape of the baskets is star-shaped.

For the following varieties, their species is not indicated, they are probably hybrids. They are distinguished by their compactness and originality of colors. Their leaves have a different structure - 3-5-lobed, serrated, reminiscent of celery.

Bidens Campfire Fire Wheel - a compact variety 20-30 cm tall, with a unique color of the baskets. At first they bloom red, later they become bronze with a yellow eye in the center.

Bidens Campfire Funny Honey - the name of this variety is translated as "Funny honey". Baskets with 5 or more tongues are red, with a yellow center or yellow streaks. The flowering is very abundant.

Bidense Campfire Fire Wheel. Photo by Wolfschmidt Samen und Jungpflanzen GbRBidense Campfire Funny Honey. Photo by Wolfschmidt Samen und Jungpflanzen GbR

Bidens Firelight - an experimental variety, the result of almost 10 years of breeding work by Thompson & Morgan. Bicolor, a bit reminiscent of kosmeyu baskets. The color of the reeds is pink-lilac, with white tips. A bunch of long yellow stamens rises in the center. Compact, grows 20 cm in height and width.

Bidense Fireligth. Photo by Wolfschmidt Samen und Jungpflanzen GbR

Bidens Moonlight (Moonlight) - a variety from the same Thompson & Morgan series, distinguished by snow-white reed flowers, contrasting with yellow stamens. It seems literally glowing, for which it was named "Moonlight".

Bidense Moonlight. Photo by Wolfschmidt Samen und Jungpflanzen GbR

Feel free to combine bidense with lobelia, petunia, verbena and other ampelous plants, and the result will exceed all your expectations!

Bidense in ampel compositionBiden in vertical composition