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Narrow-leaved Kalmia is a fragrant heather plant

Narrow-leaved Kalmia (Kalmia angustifolia)

Calmia (Kalmia) - a genus of evergreen, rarely - deciduous shrubs of the heather family (Ericaceae), consisting of 10 species common in North America and Central Asia.

Representatives of the genus are characterized by flowers without aroma, in terminal or lateral shields or umbrellas, less often solitary. Corolla is regular, spine-lobed, rarely detached, falling off after flowering. The anthers are enclosed in the corolla projections, when the corolla is opened or when the filaments are touched, the stamens quickly straighten and the anthers forcefully eject pollen. The fruit is a capsule that opens with five leaves along the partitions.

Narrow-leaved Kalmia (Kalmiaangustifolia)Homeland - North America.

Evergreen shrub up to 0.6-1 (1.5) m high (we still have 0.5 m), bare shoots. Leaves are oblong-lanceolate, opposite, 2–6 cm long, pale green, lighter below, with a yellowish midrib, adults glabrous. Flowers in multi-flowered lateral inflorescences. Corolla purple, about 1 cm in diameter. Blooms in June – July. The fruit is a box with small seeds, ripening.

Honey plant, the whole plant is aromatic. Photophilous, but tolerates slight shading, prefers moderately moist, humified peaty soils, does not tolerate lime. Hardy, in severe winters the ends of annual shoots freeze slightly. The collection contains 2 samples, obtained in 1993 and 1997. from Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and Salaspils (Latvia).

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Narrow-leaved Kalmia (Kalmia angustifolia)

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