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Herb with a "crunchy" smell - borage or cucumber herb

What does cucumber grass smell like? Cucumbers, of course! All its parts have this fresh, "crispy" smell, which is why it is often seasoned with salads. Borage is also called borage, borage or borage.

Borage medicinal, or cucumber herb (Borago officinalis)

For salads, young leaves of this plant are suitable before it begins to bloom. With age, the leaves become covered with rather coarse hairs and become coarse. At this time, juicy fleshy borage stalks are chosen for fresh salads, which sometimes grow up to 50-60 cm in length and 3-4 cm in diameter. Before eating, the stems are peeled, crushed and added to the salad, which, thanks to the fragrant herb, is filled with a special aroma. Borago can act as a supplier of fresh and vitamin-rich greens for a very long period - sown in late April - early May, this early ripening plant in 15 - 20 days gives the first harvest of fragrant grass and even after the first frost its leaves and especially the stems can still be used for culinary purposes ...

Cucumber herb is used in cooking both as an independent dish and as a side dish or filling. It can also serve as a substitute for spinach. Perfect for flavoring kvass and other summer refreshments, for flavoring vinegar and pickles. When added to cold drinks, cucumber leaves enhance the aroma of other ingredients located there, but they do not transfer their smell to drinks. Borage leaves and shoots are brewed as a tea and medicinal drink.

The flowers of this plant are also edible. They are used to decorate salads and other cold dishes. In a candied form, they serve as an original decoration for a dish or an unusual dessert. In mashed form, borage flowers are put in dressings of mushroom soups; added to dishes from eggs, fish, potatoes, cottage cheese, meat and cereal dishes, drinks with honey, lingonberries and wine. They flavor vegetable and berry juices, various fruit drinks, kvass and tea. And the roots of this plant, collected in late autumn, are used in the preparation of wines - for flavoring, as well as imparting aroma to beer, punch, and tinctures.

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