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Sea buckthorn: varieties for every taste and color

In our country, it is probably impossible to find a person who would not know about the high medicinal properties of sea buckthorn. Even at home, from this berry without much trouble, you can prepare unusually tasty and healthy juice, jelly or compote, as well as jam and wine. For medicinal purposes, many connoisseurs of this culture successfully prepare sea buckthorn oil at home.

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Sea buckthorn

The decorative properties of sea buckthorn are used to create spectacular compositions with other plants with red, yellow or variegated foliage.

Sea buckthorn is one of the few plants capable of producing stable yields annually, even in the zone of risky farming. And yet, with all the obvious advantages of sea buckthorn, many gardeners do not dare to make friends with this plant. Perhaps not everyone knows about her? We think it will be useful to talk about sea buckthorn again.

Sea buckthornSea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) in our country began to be cultivated more than a century and a half ago, however, initially only as an ornamental plant, and as a fruit plant - only a little over 60 years. The growing popularity of sea buckthorn as a medicinal plant stimulated the work of domestic breeders to develop new varieties.

Among the obvious advantages of this plant, it is worth mentioning its unpretentiousness, ease of reproduction, the resistance of modern varieties to fungal diseases, as well as the stability of yields already 3-5 years after planting. Sea buckthorn is a dioecious plant. From one female plant, you can get 15-25 kg of berries, and sometimes up to 40 kg. Having settled in your summer cottage only one sea buckthorn family (one male and two or three female plants), you can provide tasty and healing berries not only to your family, but also to all your relatives and friends.

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Sea buckthorn, female plantSea buckthorn, male plant

Among the especially fruitful varieties are the following: Botanicheskaya Aromatnaya, Botanicheskaya Amateur, Perchik's Hybrid, Moskovskaya Krasavitsa, Nivelena, Finnish.

Modern domestic varieties can boast of the density of the peel of the berry and the length of the stalk, which provides a dry and easy separation, which greatly facilitates the harvest of sea buckthorn. These advantages are possessed by the varieties: Botanicheskaya Lyubitelskaya, Vorobievskaya, Dar of Moscow State University, Krasnokarminovaya, Krasnoplodnaya, Lomonosovskaya, Radiant, Moscow Pineapple, Moscow Transparent, Nadyadnaya, Nivelena, Otradnaya, Gift to Sadu, Ryabinovaya, Glorious, Stolichnaya, Studentskaya, Troyanovaya Miracle of Autumn. In addition, these varieties are also distinguished by their resistance to fungal diseases.

Sea buckthorn NivelenSea buckthorn Khodnevskaya
Sea buckthorn Gift of Moscow State UniversitySea Buckthorn Thornless

In order to attract gardeners to the cultivation of sea buckthorn, who are discouraged by the presence of sharp thorns in plants, the breeders have worked to develop varieties that have a small number of thorns on the branches. The list of thornless varieties is also very large, let's name just a few: Botanicheskaya, Botanicheskaya Amateur, Yellow Early, Golden Siberia, Krasnokarminovaya, Moskovskaya Pineapple, Moskovskaya Krasavitsa, Nivelena, Orange, Excellent (does not have thorns at all!), Ulala, Chuiskaya, Essel, Amber ...

Sea Buckthorn Yellow Early

Modern sea buckthorn varieties have a wide variety of qualities. Avgustinka, Vorobievskaya, Kaliningradskaya, Otradnaya, Perchik, Trofimovskaya are distinguished by a high content of vitamin C. And the leaders in the content of carotenoids in berries are the varieties Hybrid Perchik, Krasnokarminovaya, Krasnoplodnaya, Moskvichka, Moskovskaya Krasavitsa, Ryabinovaya. For sea buckthorn oil, the favorites are Gomel, Moskovskaya transparent, Nadyadnaya, Rossiyanka, Universitetskaya. The high sugar content, which gives a special taste to the berries, is observed in the varieties Vorobievskaya, Hybrid Perchik, Avgustinka, Aromatnaya, Botanicheskaya, Moskvichka.The berries of the Moskovskaya Pineapple variety have a special dessert taste with a pleasant hint of pineapple.

Plants of the variety Herringbone, Krasnokarminovaya, Ryabinovaya have increased decorative properties. There are also low-growing varieties of sea buckthorn with a compact crown, for example, Perchik, Studencheskaya and Universitetskaya.

By the color of the fruit, the following groups of sea buckthorn can be distinguished:

  • varieties with a yellow color: Yellow Early, Radiant, Student, Miracle of Autumn;
  • varieties with a yellow-orange color: Botanicheskaya Amateur, Russian woman;
  • varieties with an orange color with a reddish barrel: Avgustinka, Slavnaya, Trofimovskaya, Universitetskaya, etc .;
  • varieties with a dark orange color: Vorobievskaya, Moskvichka, Gift to Sadu, Finnish;
  • varieties with a red color: Botanicheskaya Fragrant, Kaliningrad, Krasnokarminovaya, Krasnoplodnaya, Ryabinovaya.
Sea Buckthorn Gift to the GardenSea buckthorn Stolichnaya

It is easy to see that each variety is present in several of our lists at once, which means that it has a whole bunch of different advantages. Among such a variety, it is easy to choose the option that is ideal for your garden. Sea buckthorn berries will take care of your health, and the tree itself, at the time of wilting of the beauty of nature, at sunset of summer and in autumn, will give your garden unique amber shades.

Find a place for varietal sea buckthorn on your site, you will definitely not regret it!

Sea buckthorn Lomonosovskaya