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Ecogel anti-stress properties

Sudden changes in temperature, frost and drought, a long absence of light or a change in lighting, transportation and transplantation - all of these factors put stress on any plant. Ornamental crops, potted plants and indoor plants are especially sensitive to stressful situations. The selection of ornamental crops was aimed, first of all, at enhancing the ornamental qualities of plants: the splendor of flowering, the presence of bright foliage, but the ability to withstand unfavorable environmental factors receded into second place. Sometimes it takes 1-2 weeks to restore the decorative effect of damaged plants, and if the stress is too strong, the plant dies.

The action of the natural growth stimulator Ecogel is aimed at relieving stress symptoms and at activating the processes of regrowth of new suction roots, at restoring the vegetative part, and activating the growth of new shoots. The time it takes for a plant to recover from stress is reduced by 2-3 times. In a short time, the root system is restored, and in the presence of powerful roots and sufficient nutrition, all vegetative parts of the plant actively continue to grow and develop.

The antistress properties of Ekogel are equally effective on annual and perennial crops, shrubs and trees. As in the treatment of any disease, it is always better to carry out preventive treatments without waiting for the influence of an unfavorable factor: in anticipation of a stressful situation, it is recommended to spray or water the plants with a solution of Ecogel Antistress in a few days - this will allow the plants to be ready for an unfavorable situation and to endure the consequences easier. But we can not always predict the occurrence of situations that provoke stress in plants - in this case, immediately after the onset of an unfavorable situation, immediate treatment of plants is recommended: simultaneous watering under the root and spraying with Eco-Gel Antistress solution. The main difference between Ekogel and existing anti-stress drugs is a mild effect with a high efficiency of the drug.

Variants of using EcoGel

When transplanting plants or severe damage to the root system, it is recommended to water the root with a 1.5-2% solution of Ecoel. In this case, the process of regrowth of new suction roots is activated, the plant quickly recovers and adapts to new conditions.

In case of damage to the aerial part, for example, after a strong formative pruning, it is recommended to spray the leaves with a 1% Eco-gel solution. Processing with Ecogel on a leaf activates the growth of new shoots and awakens "dormant buds" - the plants quickly restore their decorative effect. Specialists of the greenhouse complex of the Peterhof Museum-Reserve use Eco-gel on tub plants: laurel, boxwood, citrus. After formative pruning in extreme conditions of a limited volume of the root system, a strong depression of plants is often observed, which is removed with the help of EcoGel. At the same time, the use of other anti-stress drugs often led to the death of weakened specimens. Eco-gel gently affects weakened plants, even when processing along the leaf, the growth of the root and aerial parts is activated. The harmonious development of all parts of the plant ensures a quick restoration of decorativeness.

To relieve stress after transporting planting material, it is recommended to immediately sprinkle with Eco-gel solution on the sheet. We must not forget that the use of any anti-stress drug should take place against a good nutritional background.In the absence of nutrients, the effect of stimulation can be short-term: the plants will quickly gain decorativeness, but after a while they will stop developing and the reverse process will begin - strong oppression due to the lack of nutrition for the overgrown vegetative mass. Therefore, only the alternation of stimulant treatments and timely feeding will ensure the harmonious development of plants.

One of the major problems faced by most of the suppliers of planting material is the poor viability of imported plants. The lots of planting material undergo serious presale treatment with harsh stimulants and high doses of fertilizers. At the time of sale, the bright appearance remains for a certain time, after which the plants suddenly lose their vitality and are not able to adapt to new conditions. Restoring plants with the same harsh stimulants can speed up the death process. In this case, EcoGel is the best option for restoring depleted and weak specimens. With all the softness of the impact, the effect of the treatment with Ecogel lasts 14-20 days. More frequent treatments do not make sense and can only harm. To adapt imported planting material, it is possible to recommend the alternation of treatments with Ecogel: watering - spraying with an interval of 14 days.

The main difference between Ecogel and most stimulants on the market is the natural base and the absence of growth hormones and steroid substances in the composition. Safety of use, mild effect and high efficiency puts the drug out of competition and allows us to talk about the creation of a completely new generation of highly effective plant growth stimulants, the demand for which is growing not only in the professional market, but also among fans of ornamental plants and gardeners.