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Kiwano - exotic ... cucumber

Many in their lives decided to try "something like that", some new dish or product. So I decided to experiment with my taste buds. Cuisines of the peoples of the world, various dishes, vegetables, insects ... And then I looked - an orange hedgehog was lying on the shelf in the “Vegetables-Fruits” section. The label says “Kiwano. Mexico. Price RUB 161 a piece". Well, I think, why not? Even for 161 rubles. And although I have no idea how to eat it, I buy it. The fruit looks like a large orange egg with large bumps. Here it is, in fact.

- This dgyan should be gigzt, - said Klara Novikova in the form of a fruit saleswoman in a monologue about an exotic fruit. Well, somewhere that happened ... True, he didn't have to "giggle", thank God. In appearance, the comrade is very similar to a cucumber. If so, then you can just peel, cut and dare to eat it raw. And exactly, on the cut - well, a spilled cucumber!


Only our cucumbers are green on the outside, and this one is green on the inside. However, it turned out that if you clean it, there will be nothing to eat. As for the taste, for me it's like eating an unripe banana. No sweetness, the pulp is sour-fresh, pleasant, juicy. There is not much of it, you have to scrape off the walls. All the inner space is filled with seeds in a juicy shell. You can suck them too, but this is not for everybody. Dreary occupation ...

I wonder what he ate? Maybe he ate wrong?

So - "Kiwano (Cucumis metuliferus) - sometimes also called horned melon, African horned cucumber, jelly melon, English tomato. Belongs to the melon and cucumber family (this, apparently, is written by those who do not know about the Pumpkin family or do not like this name). The creeping plant, native to Africa, is grown for the fruit that looks like an oval melon, very beautiful.

The orange or yellow fruit is covered with thick but not sharp thorns. The greenish jelly-like pulp tastes like a cross between fresh cucumber and lemon. The inedible rind hides the pale green seeds in a jelly-like pulp. The fruit tastes like a cucumber.

The fruits can be eaten both as a snack (with soft cream cheese or seafood), and in pure form, as part of salads, and also used in the process of making popsicles. "

This is what he is, the African horned cucumber! Now I need to buy a couple and stuff one with seafood salad, and the other with fruits and ice cream.

Bon appetit, everyone!

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