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How to grow a banana from seeds

Most commercially available banana fruits are seedless and bred by humans for commercial cultivation. Plants on industrial plantations are propagated vegetatively. The fruits of specific bananas and related varieties contain seeds. Sometimes small bananas are almost completely filled with seeds, almost completely depriving the fruit of the sweet pulp - for example, in a textile banana (Musa sativa). Growing a banana from seeds has its own tricks.

Firstly, in order to isolate the seeds, it is necessary to take a mature fruit, which begins to become covered with brown spots - then we can say with confidence that the seeds are ripe. You can pick them out with your hands or knead the peeled pulp. Add water to it, mix well, strain the seeds through a sieve and rinse thoroughly.

Then the seeds need to be soaked in water at room temperature for a couple of days. Change the water 2-3 times during this time. After soaking, remove the pulp residues by rubbing thoroughly or even scraping the seeds. They can be from light to dark brown in different species, their color does not say anything about maturity.

To disinfect the seeds, they are washed with a 10% solution of bleach (bleach), and then the bleach is thoroughly washed off with soap and water.

Before planting, seeds are germinated in a moist substrate. It is based on a coconut substrate, which must be sterilized in a water bath for 30-40 minutes, as described in our article Cutting indoor plants at home.

An equal amount of perlite is added to the prepared coconut substrate, moistened, poured into a plastic bag and seeds are placed in it. The bag is tied up, several small holes are pierced in it and placed in a warm place with a temperature of +27 ... + 32 degrees. It is ideal to use an electric heating pad that is turned on at a minimum for bottom heating. It is connected to a household timer and heating is programmed for 8 hours during the day (the temperature may drop at night).

They begin to test the seeds after 2 weeks. Naked seeds are planted in pots. The composition of the soil and the conditions for further cultivation are described on the page of our portal Pointed banana.

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