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How to install a greenhouse correctly: professional advice

Often, summer residents who buy a ready-made greenhouse for the first time are afraid of possible difficulties that may arise during self-assembly and installation of the frame. Greenhouse manufacturers, installers and private craftsmen provide assembly services for a fee - however, how to figure out if the frame is securely installed? After all, the service life of the greenhouse depends on this. For more than 20 years the company "Volia" not only produces, but also installs greenhouses for gardeners and farmers. Observing the recommendations from the professional installers of the Volya company, you can not only easily check the assembly process of the greenhouse you have purchased, but also install it yourself.

Choosing a place for a greenhouse

Even before installation, it is necessary to perform a number of preliminary works on the site, and, first of all, to choose a place for the greenhouse. Note! Even if you have chosen a greenhouse that can withstand serious snow loads, it is better to install the frame 1-2 meters from the house, shed, trees, garage, utility block and other buildings. It is better not to neglect this rule, otherwise the snow accumulated on trees or buildings during the winter can slide down and damage the greenhouse.

If you plan to plant seedlings early, then choose the most sunny location for your greenhouse. It is not difficult to determine it, on the site it will be the place where the snow melts in the first place. Perhaps you don't have such a place in your dacha, then try to look for a site where the sun shines at least in the morning. The direction of the greenhouse is from east to west.

Take a close look at the greenhouse site. It should be free of depressions, holes or slopes. This is very important, because on an uneven ground, the frame cannot be installed directly. In this case, the curvature of the structure will occur, the doors and vents cannot be completely closed. But this is not the worst thing. Any greenhouse manufacturer calculates snow and wind loads on an even frame, not on a skewed frame. The soil also affects the stability of the greenhouse. If possible, place the greenhouse on solid ground. Thus, if you have a flat area with solid soil, then you can fix the greenhouse in the ground using T-shaped ends of the frame. Otherwise, you should think about the foundation. With it, you will be sure that the frame is evenly and securely fixed. There are several types of foundations: timber, block, tape filler. The latter is the most practical, since it perfectly holds the frame and, unlike wood, does not rot over time. Before you start making the foundation, check with your greenhouse seller for the correct dimensions. It often happens in practice that the dimensions of the finished greenhouse and the dimensions of the foundation do not match.

Have you chosen a place? Then we are preparing a site for installing the frame! It should be clean of debris and larger than the area of ​​the greenhouse itself, because here you will have to lay out the parts and assemble the frame, cut polycarbonate, lay out the assembled parts of the structure.

When you have chosen a location, prepared the ground or foundations, it is time to install. It doesn't matter if you decide to set up a greenhouse yourself or resort to the help of professionals, there are some universal tips.

Tips for Installing a Cellular Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Let's analyze the procedure for installing a greenhouse frame with cellular polycarbonate. First, completely assemble the frame, then cover the ends with polycarbonate. After that, so that the greenhouse does not fly away, the legs of the frame with a T-shaped end must be lightly sprinkled with earth, and only then finally the greenhouse is closed with polycarbonate. Note! A fully assembled honeycomb polycarbonate greenhouse cannot be left unsecured. Due to the large windage of polycarbonate, any gust of wind will easily carry the greenhouse away. The cellular polycarbonate itself must be sprinkled or dug into the ground by 3-5 cm.Make sure the frame is firmly anchored to the ground or foundation. He should stand up straight and not stagger. The same applies to doors and vents. They should be straight, easy to open, close and not cling to the cover. After installing the greenhouse, check that there are no gaps between the frame and the cellular polycarbonate. If your greenhouse comes with a sealing profile, make sure it lies flat and does not stick out anywhere. The temperature regime inside it depends on the tightness of the greenhouse, which means the comfort and health of your plants and the size of the crop.

A properly installed greenhouse will delight you and your loved ones with abundant harvests for many years.

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