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Varieties and hybrids of white cabbage

The varieties and hybrids used in our strip belong to the Northern European group of variety types, these are mainly early ripening, medium early and medium late. Depending on the growing season (time from germination to harvest), all varieties and hybrids are divided into several groups.

Cabbage Moscow Late 15. Photo: Yu. Belopukhov
  • Superearly (65-100 days) - Kuusiku, Varayane, Ditmarskaya.
  • Early ripe (100-115 days) - Number First Gribovsky 147, Number First Polar K-206, June, F1 Solo, F1 Transfer, F1 Craft, F1 Malachite, F1 Kazachok.
  • Medium early (115-130 days) - Golden Hectare 1432, Stakhanovka 1513.
  • Mid-season (130-145 days) - Slava Gribovskaya 231, Slava 1305, Losinoostrovskaya 8, Nadezhda, F1 Pegasus, F1 SB 3.
  • Mid late (145-160 days) - Gift 2500, Belorusskaya 455, Winter Gribovskaya 13, Ladoga 22.
  • Late ripening (160 days or more) - Moscow Late 9, Moscow Late 15, Amager 611, Zimovka 1474, F1 Lying, F1 Albatross, F1 Creumont.

These varieties and hybrids are intended for central Russia. For the southern regions of the late varieties, Yuzhanka 31, Zavadovskaya, Biryuchekutskaya 138, Volgogradskaya 42 are recommended.

To date, domestic breeders have bred hybrids of early and very early cabbage, which retain marketable qualities and do not crack in the field for quite a long time, up to 2-3 weeks - F1 Nakhalenok and F1 Forsage. (1)

White cabbage F1 NakhalenokWhite cabbage F1 Fast and Furious

There are other interesting new items, a description of which we will give:

F1 Atria - late ripening (137-147 days from germination to technical ripeness) hybrid. The rosette of leaves is half-raised, medium. Head of cabbage is round or flat-round, weighing 1.5-3.7 kg, high density. The outer color is grayish-green, greenish-white in cross-section. The hybrid is characterized by a high uniformity and density of heads of cabbage, amicable crop formation, and resistance to cracking. Recommended for fresh consumption, long-term winter storage and industrial processing. Relatively resistant to gray mold. Productivity 3.5-10.0 kg / m2.

White cabbage F1 AtriaWhite cabbage F1 Head Garden

F1 Garden Head - late ripening (130-151 days from full germination to the beginning of technical ripeness) variety. The rosette is of medium size, close to large (74-119 cm), semi-spreading. The lower leaves are arranged horizontally, their edges are pubescent. The head of cabbage is round-flat, weighing 2-3.6 kg, dense. The taste is excellent. Frost-resistant, transportable. Recommended for long-term winter storage and industrial processing. Relatively resistant to gray mold and punctate necrosis. Productivity 4.5-5.2 kg / m2.

Peasant woman - mid-season (105-130 days from full germination to technical ripeness) variety. Medium-sized rosette with semi-raised leaves. The head of cabbage is medium in size, round, dense, whitish on the cut. The outer stump is of medium length, the inner one is short. Head of cabbage weight 1.3-4.1 kg. The taste is high. Recommended for fresh consumption, fermentation and short-term storage. Productivity 4.7-7.8 kg / m2.

White cabbage PeasantWhite cabbage Slavyanka

Slavyanka - productive variety. recommended for long-term storage, late fermentation, preparation of first and second courses in the winter-spring period. Sowing for seedlings at the end of March, picking in the cotyledon phase, planting in the ground in mid-May according to the scheme 60x60 cm. The rosette of leaves is vertical, a leaf of medium size, dark green with a bluish tinge, with a strong waxy bloom. The head of cabbage is round and round-flat, dense, whitish in cross-section. The outer stump is of medium length, the inner one is short. The taste is excellent. Productivity up to 8.6 kg / m2.

White cabbage Sugar Crunch

Sugar Crunch - early ripening (up to 105 days from germination to technical ripeness), productive variety. Sowing for seedlings - at the beginning of March, picking in the phase of cotyledons, planting in the ground at the end of April (under film shelters - at the beginning of May) according to the scheme 50x30 cm. From planting seedlings to harvesting 44-55 days. The rosette of leaves is compact, 35-45 cm in diameter. Head of cabbage is round, light green, weighing 0.7-1.3 kg, medium density. the outer color is light green, white-yellow on the cut. Taste and marketability are excellent.Recommended for summer salads, cabbage soup. Productivity 2.3-3.7 kg / m2.

Now on the market there is a great variety of varieties and hybrids of white cabbage of domestic and foreign selection, and inexperienced gardeners simply run their eyes.

How to be, after all you want to try everything? First things first, ask your more experienced gardener neighbors what varieties or hybrids are guaranteed to work out in your area. Make the main bet on them, and out of curiosity, choose what your heart desires. But still, let your soul be guided mainly by varieties and hybrids of domestic production or foreign ones, zoned for our strip.

Photos and descriptions of varieties are provided by the selection and seed company "Gavrish"


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