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Spirea Bumald and its varieties

Spirea Bumald (Spiraea x bumalda) known only in culture. This is a hybrid of Japanese spirea and white-flowered spirea (SpiraeajaponicaxS. albiflora)... Shrub lower than Japanese spiraea, up to 0.75 m high. Shoots are slightly ribbed, glabrous, reddish-brown. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, 5–8 cm long, sharply double-serrate, glabrous. Inflorescences are single terminal corymbose panicles, consisting of separate corymbs. Flowers from white to dark pink-pink. A very beautiful hybrid with highly variable characteristics, often difficult to distinguish from Spiraeajaponica (usually lower, with straighter, glabrous, slightly ribbed shoots). Blooms from late June to autumn. In the collection since 1941, now there are copies of the 1952 reproduction of the sample obtained from Kiev. Usually, only the ends of the shoots freeze slightly, in severe winters - perennial branches, this does not affect flowering, because blooms on annual shoots, seeds ripen.

Spirea Bumalda (Spiraea x bumalda)Spirea Bumalda (Spiraea x bumalda)

Decorative forms:

‘Anthony Waterer’ - Low compact bush 0.4 m (we have 0.5 m) in height. Shoots are slightly reddish brown. The leaves are rather narrow, dark green. The flowers are bright carmine red. Inflorescences are dense, pubescent, small. Blooms from July to September. The leaves turn red in the fall. Received in 2001 from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The ends of annual shoots freeze slightly. It blooms and bears fruit.

Spirea Bumald Anthony Waterer, inflorescencesSpirea Bumald Anthony Waterer, autumn color

Crispa ' - Low shrub up to 0.5 m in height. Shoots are brown, pubescent. Leaves with wavy-curled jagged edges, wine-red when blooming, later turning green. Flowers are dark purple in small corymbose panicles. Blooms from July to August. Received by seedlings from Moscow. Does not freeze, blooms, secondary flowering is noted in September. The leaves are purple in autumn.

Spirea Bumald Crispa, foliageSpirea Bumald Crispa, inflorescence
Spirea Bumald Crispa, autumn foliage colorSpirea Bumald Crispa, autumn leaf

Froebeli ' - A bush up to 1.3 m (we still have 0.5 m) in height and 1.2–1.5 m in diameter, with a dense crown. Young shoots are smooth, glabrous. Leaves are broadly ovoid, purple in spring and autumn. The flowers are crimson, lilac when blooming. Blooms from May to June to September. Received in 2001 from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The ends of annual shoots freeze slightly, blooms and bears fruit.

Spirea Bumald Crispa, floweringSpirea Bumald FroebeliSpirea Bumald Goldflamme

‘Goldflamme’ - Bush up to 0.8 m tall, dense. Leaves when blooming are red-orange, later golden-yellow, therefore, with a general yellow background of the leaves, the ends of the shoots are reddish, which creates the illusion of flowering from afar. Flowers are small, carmine pink, in small corymbose panicles. Blooms from late July. Received in 1994 from Kiev. The ends of annual shoots freeze slightly, blooms and bears fruit.

Spirea Bumald Goldflamme, young shootsSpirea Bumald Goldflamme in combination with other spireas

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