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Soaking seeds before sowing

Preparation for soaking seeds ExtraFlor No. 7

Many gardeners often ask the question - is it necessary to soak the seeds before sowing? Of course, you can sow dry, but when soaked, the seedlings will appear a few days earlier, thereby minimizing the risk of seed death in the soil. This agrotechnical technique is especially effective in cold spring sowing conditions. It is worth noting that almost all seeds can be soaked. This technique is especially effective in relation to long-germinating seeds, seeds of heat-loving crops, green with large seeds, seeds that require a lot of moisture during germination (onions, legumes). Fast emerging seeds, very small seeds and seeds do not need soaking during winter sowing.

You can soak seeds in clean water, but it is much preferable to do this in solutions containing biologically active substances. The natural preparation "ExtraFlor No. 7" for pre-sowing seed treatment allows you to grow strong seedlings and good plants, which will then please with a bountiful harvest.

"ExtraFlor №7" increases seed germination, enhances growth processes, fights against most diseases of seeds, and also increases resistance to diseases of already mature plants. In addition, its use allows not only to shorten the ripening period, but also to significantly increase the yield. Such properties of the drug are due to its composition, which is extracts of pine and fir needles. Pine needles contain resins that protect against most pests and pathogenic fungi, essential oils.Fir needles contain fir oil, which has long been used as a disinfectant and therapeutic agent of very high biological activity and has growth-stimulating, repellent and insecticidal properties. In addition, fir needles contain flavonoids, vitamins, micro- and macroelements (magnesium, zinc, manganese), which significantly enhances the growth-stimulating properties of plants and seeds of various crops. An additional plus is the ease of use of the drug.

So, we found out that preliminary soaking of seeds is the secret of the emergence of friendly shoots and the subsequent rich harvest. The process of soaking seeds is very simple, nevertheless, let's figure out how to do it correctly using growth stimulants.

Using "ExtraFlor No. 7", it is not necessary to pre-disinfect the seeds, since the substances contained in the preparation themselves fight diseases.

For soaking, we need a wide flat dish and a material that absorbs moisture well, we will prepare 5 by 5 cm squares from it.

Pour 200 ml of hot water over the contents of one cell of the preparation and let it cool to room temperature. This solution volume is designed for 100 g of seeds.

We spread the prepared seeds on a cloth. Roll up and place in a container with a solution.

It is convenient to put a number on each envelope and then write down the correspondence of numbers and varieties of plants in a notebook. We close the container and put it in a warm, but not hot (in no case on a battery) place for 6-8 hours.

After soaking, the seeds can be slightly dried until flowable and sown immediately, or they can be put on germination. It should be noted that soaked seeds are sown at a shallower depth than dry seeds.

The solution in which the seeds were soaked can be used for root feeding of any garden plants.

Dear garden and vegetable garden shop owners, expand your assortment with natural preparations!

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