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Why don't ovaries grow on cucumbers?

Often gardeners complain - there are no cucumbers, only barren flowers. What to do in this case? What is the reason for the continuous flowering of plants with barren flowers alone? And are they really needed at all, these barren flowers?

First of all, a significant delay in the appearance of female flowers and late fruiting lies in the quality of seeds. If you did not listen to the numerous recommendations and sow fresh seeds, then the plants that have grown from them form first male flowers - barren flowers, and then female ones. A completely different picture if you sowed seeds 2-3 years ago. In this case, female flowers are formed simultaneously with male flowers or earlier than male ones.

But what if your seeds are fresh, or you do not know the age of the purchased seeds? This is easy to do - they need to be warmed up, and plants from such seeds will give female flowers much earlier than usual. Pre-sowing hardening of seeds by negative or variable temperatures will also accelerate the appearance of female flowers.

Another reason for the infertility of cucumbers is an imbalance in nutrition, most often the abundance of nitrogen fertilizers in the soil, which causes the rapid growth of lashes, leaves and barren flowers. In this case, the plants are very useful for feeding with fast-acting phosphorus fertilizers, for example, superphosphate extract (2 tablespoons per 10 liters of hot water) or an infusion of ordinary wood ash.

The third reason for the delay in the appearance of female flowers is watering the plants with cold water. The water temperature must be at least 25 ° C. The water should not be allowed to be colder than the soil.

The next reason for "barren abundance" is a large excess of moisture in the soil. Dry the soil in the cucumber patch for a few days. As soon as the leaves on the plants are slightly twisted, an abundance of female flowers will immediately appear. But at the same time - do not overdry the soil.

About proper care - in the article Cucumber planting care.

The high temperature of the ambient air, the strong thickening of the plants in the greenhouse, etc. also have a serious impact on the "barren abundance".

And if all this does not help, then pinch the top of the main stem of the plants. It will stop the growth of plants in length, will cause the growth of lateral shoots and female flowers.

But what about the barren flowers? Some gardeners remove most of the barren flowers, mistakenly hoping that it will cause the female flowers to grow. There is no benefit from removing them, and it is really possible to worsen the conditions for pollination of female flowers. The barren flowers on the plant themselves will quickly turn yellow and fall off.

In recent years, the most popular are bunch varieties and hybrids of cucumbers, especially of the female type of flowering, which are distinguished by high yields and mainly good pickling qualities. They form 3 to 7 ovaries in a knot. But not every gardener manages to get fruits from these ovaries.

This is a fairly common occurrence, especially in hot weather and in plastic greenhouses. At the same time, part of the ovaries does not grow and gradually begins to turn yellow, and then quickly dries up and disappears. What's the matter? There are several reasons for this phenomenon:

  • too high air temperature in the greenhouse (over 35 ° C).
  • very high relative humidity (over 90%).
  • in varieties and hybrids of a purely female type of flowering, the absence of pollinating insects due to prolonged cool weather or the absence of male flowers (barren flowers). It is imperative to sow up to 10% of cucumbers of any pollinator variety to them.
  • very rare picking of cucumbers. Collect them daily or, in extreme cases, every other day. Overgrown fruits restrain the filling of new ovaries.
  • significant lack of nutrition in the soil. Modern hybrids with bundle fruiting require a much higher and more uniform content of nutrients in the soil. There is simply not enough food for the growth of all the ovaries in the bunch. In this case, 1-2 fruits grow, and the rest dry up and disappear.Therefore, if there are many ovaries on the plants, they must be fed every week with small doses of mullein infusion with the addition of urea to it.

And in order to improve the filling of the ovaries, especially in cool weather, it is necessary to carry out foliar feeding of plants with the preparations "Zircon" or "Epin", which increase the resistance of plants to stressful situations.