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Muraya - the plant of the Japanese emperors

Indoor plants - family amulets

SAMURAYA! - so my husband called her when I for the tenth time emphasized to him that the muraya was going to bloom. And I got this miracle quite by accident.

We rented an apartment where there was not a single sprout. This, of course, became an incentive to acquire "family amulets" - indoor plants. Of course, I wanted something unusual, exotic. And at the same time, easy to clean. After all, I belong to the cohort of "amateurs in the full sense of the word" - that is, I love indoor plants, but in caring for them - an absolute "teapot". In addition, I work (as, probably, most of the visitors to this site!), So I simply do not have time to devote a lot of attention to indoor plants.

On Slando's website, I found an ad that a rare plant, Muraya, is for sale. The price was announced - 100 UAH. And attached is a photo of a beautiful lush tree.

I did some research on the Internet, I found out that muraya is a really interesting and really rare plant among indoor florists. It belongs to the rue family (citrus fruits are also included). On some sites, it was called citrus. It turned out that it is extremely useful, improves health. It was even placed in the bedroom of the Japanese emperors. And also - it is relatively easy to care for him. Having collected these factors together, I called the seller of the muraya and made an appointment, anticipating that they would bring me the same lush tree as in the picture.

Imagine my disappointment when the seller took out of the package ... a tiny fragile plant fluttering in the cold October wind. "And for this misfortune as much as 100 hryvnia?" - I was surprised in my mind. And out loud she said a polite phrase that she expected more. However, the seller began to assure me that it was very inexpensive, that you would not find such a plant in Kiev (in this city I live) with fire in the daytime. And if you find it, then for other money. In addition, it can be Dutch murayi, which usually do not survive in apartments. And the seller raised this plant with her own hand. "Oh, it was, it was not!" - I decided and nevertheless bought the plant (very afraid that it would not bear several stops in the minibus - how fragile and defenseless it seemed). "Take it, you won't regret it, you will like it" - the seller admonished me.

Muraya is picking up buds

And I really didn’t regret it! During the winter months, "misfortune" drove out two long twigs and blooms for the third time.

And I looked after him very simply. I put it on the windowsill (I have oriental windows - according to the seller and the authors of the articles about muraya on other sites, this is an ideal place). Moved away from the battery. Next to the place where Muraya stands is a balcony door. Therefore, she often gets access to fresh air and even experiences the effect of a draft (which, indeed, she is not afraid of, since she is a mountain plant). I water it moderately: when the topsoil dries out, I spray it with settled water 1-2 times a week. That's the whole care. Since the beginning of February, I transplanted the muraya into a new flowerpot. The soil took the one that is supposed to be for citrus fruits. When transplanting, I didn't bury myself deeply - by the way, I read about this landing rule on this site.

Now I enjoy the bloom and scent of muraya petals. He, despite the small size of the flowers, is quite intense. I can feel it even at a distance of 2 m from the window. And the scent itself reminds me of jasmine in some way (although this is my purely subjective perception).

So, winter has shown: muraya is a very easy plant to care for, even for beginners. However, for those who like "energetic communication" with green friends, I want to give advice: she does not like excessive attention to her person and delight. She also does not like boasting - in the sense when she is boasted.All the muraya requires is to be approached, given what she needs (in terms of watering, light and fresh air), and left her alone so that she is alone with her thoughts - as the Emperor should.