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Lemon cucumber: beneficial properties and uses in cooking

Lemon cucumber

Lemon cucumber is healthy and nutritious, it contains a number of vitamins (A, group B, PP, vitamin C, carotene), sugars, fiber, mineral salts (calcium, sodium, silicon, iron) and iodine. In addition, the Crystal Apple is low in calories and can be successfully used in dietary nutrition.

Like ordinary cucumbers, lemon cucumbers are useful for people with excess weight, metabolic disorders, and those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. These cucumbers have the property of removing harmful cholesterol and toxins from the human body. Cucumber-lemon juice is used for cosmetic purposes as masks and face lotions. Such cosmetics will especially help those who are trying to overcome age spots and freckles.

Ivory fruits have the best taste. They are so sweet and tender that they can be eaten like apples (perhaps because of this they got their "apple" name in the West).

Lemon cucumber

At the stage of milky ripeness, the fruits of cucumber-lemon can be stuffed in the usual way (it will turn out especially tasty if you fill them with a cocktail of shrimp and other seafood), they are well suited for pickling and for salads, they will decorate any spicy dish, and will also come in handy when cooking cold soups.

Interestingly, lemon cucumbers, unlike their usual counterparts, are never bitter.

The powerful charisma of this amazing creature of nature lies in its delicious appearance combined with sweet, soft, delicate taste and amazing texture. This attractive vegetable-fruit is able to conquer any fan of cucumbers with its extraordinary juicy pulp and thin, edible skin.

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