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Once again about new varieties of raspberries

Raspberry Hussar

Raspberries are a valuable berry loved by everyone. I would like to dwell on some new and promising varieties of this culture.

  • Hussar - one of the best varieties in the “Golden Series of Kazakovskaya Raspberries” (Professor IV Kazakov bred Beglyanka, Babe Leto, Volnitsa, Peresvet, Sputnitsa, etc. in Bryansk). The bush is elegant, gives little overgrowth, bears fruit abundantly. Raspberries are of medium early ripening. The berries are large (up to 10 g), juicy, dark ruby ​​color, slightly elongated. Frost and disease resistant. Raspberry Gusar will be a worthy decoration for your garden.
  • Arbat - raspberry selection of Professor V.V. Kichiny. The variety is distinguished by perfectly smooth thornless stems. The berries are large and very large (4-12 g), elongated and conical, of a beautiful "chiseled" shape, dark red color, shiny, are removed from the stalks without breaks, dense, withstand transportation well.
  • Golden Giant Is an improved variety of the Yellow Giant. The berries are large, juicy, amber in color. For the winter, it is advisable to bend the stems so that they winter under the snow.
  • Tarusa - raspberry tree (standard raspberry in the form of an upright tree with a thick stem). This group of varieties of Professor V.V. Kichina makes it possible to grow raspberries without trellis and stakes, without pruning. The height of the standard raspberry is 1.5-2 m. The berries are elongated, large, weighing up to 16 g. The taste of berries is sweet with a pleasant "raspberry" aroma, juicy melting pulp and few small seeds, very suitable for fresh consumption and for all types home processing. The Tarusa variety is called a raspberry tree for its powerfully developed shoots and a bush in general. The raspberry tree Tarusa is one of the most productive varieties.
  • Giant - a new variety of thornless raspberries with extra large berries. Their weight reaches 25 g. Gives very little growth. Productivity 8-12 kg per bush. The real pride of Russia!
  • Indian summer - remontant raspberry, well known to gardeners. The first crop gives in late June - early July and bears fruit before frost.
Raspberry Apricot
  •  Apricot - remontant raspberry, more abundant than Indian Summer, raspberry with beautiful berries. I believe that this variety could replace the yellow raspberry, as it is more frost-hardy and unpretentious.
  • P-34 - an unsurpassed variety of large-fruited raspberries of Professor V.V. Kichiny. In this variety, the second fruiting has been shifted to an earlier date, which allows picking more berries before frost.
  • Ruby Giant - improved variety of Patricia (professor V.V. Kichina), early ripening. The berries are very large, sweet, conical in shape.
  • Raspberry from Sweden - bushes up to 3 meters high. The berries are large, round, dense; in brushes of 18-20 berries. Delicious, mildly sweet berries.