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Miniature plants for a small garden

In a mini-garden, the plants should also match - compact. Otherwise, you plant a couple of ornamental shrubs, arrange one flower bed - and that's it ... But you want variety. Then we turn to the novelties of selection and select miniature species and varieties of green favorites and arrange a Garden of Eden in front of the house.

Bell of Portenchlag

If a tree, then a standard

If you still want to fit a tree on the site, you should opt for standard forms. They will not grow especially large for sure (height depending on the place of inoculation), but how beautiful and original!

When buying, be sure to pay attention to the winter hardiness zone. For central Russia, the value should be no higher than 5.

Standard forms are suitable rough elm (weeping crown), willow swiss (spherical crown), willow goat pendula (weeping crown), willow purple pendula (weeping form), cotoneaster brilliant, European larch repens (weeping crown), Japanese Larch Stiff Weeper (weeping crown), Blue dwarf (hemispherical crown) and other breeds.

From conifers, you can search for standard forms on sale.mountain pine (Mops, Karstens Wintergold, Ophir), Korean fir (Ice Breaker, Doni Tajuso).

Conifers on a trunk

In the gardens of private collectors and producers of planting material of these plants, who are keen on their "coniferous business", you can find very tiny specimens of conifers on a trunk, for example, Korean fir Silberperle, mountain pine Leuco-Like other. They definitely need to be viewed against some kind of contrasting background, for example, among flat tiles of stones of a decorative rolling pin or on an alpine slide.

Korean fir Silberperle

Mini shrubs

Barberry Thunberg unconditionally took the position of the king among the ornamental deciduous shrubs. But there are large varieties, and there are also small ones.

For example, the name Golden Nugget varieties (translated as "Golden nugget, ball, lump") - a wonderful dense dwarf cushion-shaped shrub, which is higher than 50 cm, with all the desire to grow and not become a shapeless substance.

Short, 30-40 cm in height, grade Admiration at the beginning it also has a dense cushion-shaped crown and an incredibly bright red-orange color of the leaves with yellow edging. But over time, the shape of the bush will turn into a hemisphere or a shock. But this will not make him less attractive.

Barberry Thunberg AdmirationBarberry Thunberg Golden Nugget (center)

Green-leaved Kobold variety - green-leaved bush, reaching 40 cm in height.

You can list the varieties for a long time, it is better to go to the garden center in the spring and carefully study the labels with the characteristics of the variety of barberry seedlings.

Little Devil Bubble-leaf - a low shrub (up to 1 m) with a compact crown, burgundy-purple leaves.

Feels good in our climate derain white. Gouchaultii cultivar medium size (0.8-1 m) with multicolor leaf color - they are green with yellowish-pink edging.

A win-win - japonica (chaenomeles). At first, it blooms very profusely, and then almost to the snow it stands hung with bright fruits that resemble tangerines in appearance. Nicoline, Clementine, Pink Lady varieties bloom with red-brown flowers, plant height is maximum 1 m. There are varieties with white, pink and salmon flowers.

Will not grow large (40-80 cm) and various varieties of spirea Japanese Little Princess, Golden Princess, Shirobana, Japanese Dwarf, Goldflame, Firelight and many others.

Spirea Nippon Snowmound size 1x1 m, blooms with white flowers, collected in shields. White Carpet - dwarf compact shrub (50x80 cm) with white flowers collected in thyroid inflorescences and creeping shoots.

Small-leaved lilac Superba very cute and original - the flowers are fragrant, the leaves and flowers are pubescent, the plant is very compact - 1.5x1.5 m.

Lilac Meyer Palibin - slow-growing, very compact dense rounded shrub 80-150 cm high and wide. And these lilacs winter well.


From conifers, dwarf forms of various types are perfect. oil cushion-shaped (Little Gem, Maxwelli, Nidiformis, Pygmaea, Conica), pines (Mops, Mini Mops, Brevifolia, Nana, Gnom), western thuja (Danica, Tiny Tim), junipers (common Green carpet, horizontal Blue Pygmea, Blue Chip, Golden Carpet and Wiltonii, Cossack Variegata, Scaly Blue Carpet).

Again, if you set yourself a goal and find tiny specimens of conifers from private collectors, you will find among them spruce gray Pinocchio,spruce gray Itty-Beatty other.

Spruce gray Pinocchio

Perennial plants

Among the usual tall perennials, you can find varieties in a mini-format.

Patio Series Clematis designed just for decorating small terraces and balconies. These are low compact plants with a height of 60-90 cm, in the open field a maximum of 1.2-1.5 m.

If you want to contemplate in your mini-garden roses, look for miniature views and so called patio... There are a huge number of varieties of both.

Very interesting "musical" varieties astilbe: Rhythm and Beat, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll other. All of them are short with dark foliage and lush inflorescences. Plants series Younique compact, low (only 25-40 cm), but have very lush inflorescences: Silvery Pink, Lilac, Salmon White other.

Of alone dwarf irises you can arrange a wide variety of flower beds. After all, they have so many varieties, especially in a group bearded, that there is no point in listing them. I will also not dwell in detail on the hosts - undersized varieties can be selected for every taste.

Bearded dwarf iris, height only 20 cmAquilegia from Winky dwarf variety
Aquilegia from the Cameo variety seriesAquilegia from the Cameo variety series

You can look towards the dwarf variety series aquilegia winky... The height of these plants does not exceed 35 cm.

Even smaller, only 15 cm high aquilegia from the Cameo variety series... Add a special color to curbs, flower beds or alpine hills.

A beautiful dicenter will grow no more than 40 cm. It is decorative all season - its leaves do not die off, and flowering continues from May to autumn. The dicenter is exceptional and even less - up to 15-20 cm in height. In early to mid-May, light pink flowers bloom, collected in a few-flowered raceme.

There is even dwarf volzhanka Noble Spirit... Plant height up to 30 cm, decorative all season - from May to June, the panicles of its inflorescences are white, and when they fade, they become red.

For a shady garden, a dwarf (40-50 cm high) variety is also suitable Buzulnika Little Rocket... Varieties Osiris Fantaisie, Osiris Cafe Noir, Osiris Pure Fantaisie, Osiris Cameleon, Osiris pistache will only grow up to 60 cm.

There are many small and tiny varieties. host... Focusing on the classification, the alignment is as follows: small (Small) - height from 17 cm to 30 cm, miniature (Miniature) - height from 7 cm to 16 cm, dwarf (Dwarf) - height less than 7 cm. Here are some varieties from everyone's favorites: Blue Mouse Ears, Green Mouse Ears, Cracker Crumbs, Cat`s Eyes, Cameo, Dragon Tails, Cherish.

Miniature views are good bells: Carpathian, spoon-leaved, swollen, Pozharsky, Portenschlag, gargan - from small to just tiny.

Miniature hosts can be planted in potsCurb dahlia

Curb dahlias, whose height is in the region of 30-40 cm, can be grown even in pots as a living bouquet. Blue Record, Playa Blanca, Park Rekord, Cheeky Glow, Delighting Glow and many, many others.

Lovers delphiniums now they can also expand the assortment and plant dwarf varieties up to 1.3 m in height, such as Baby doll - lilac flowers with a pale yellow eye, Janice - pure white, Pageboy - sky blue, Minstrel boy - violet-blue with a black-yellow eye.

Bush height varieties Pink butterfly at all from 0.8 to 1 m.

Among the Asian hybrids of lilies, there are dwarf varieties with a height of only 20-40 cm.

And others

In early spring, your garden will be decorated with primrose babies: redwoods, chionodox, muscari, crocuses, botanical tulips, pushkinia, iridodictiums.

Annual analogues dahlia, phlox, delphiniums and stock roses much more compact than their long-term relatives.

Conifers on the trunk Conifers on the trunk Dwarf delphinium Dwarf delphinium Dwarf Asiatic Lily Dwarf Asiatic Lily