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Transparent floristic compositions

What is transparent composition, you ask? Hardly anyone will give you a precise definition of this style. Although it exists and has its indispensable features - it is transparency, visibility of the composition, inherent, for example, in a stained-glass window. The very word "transparency" comes from Latin words trans - transparent, through and through pareo - be obvious. By the way, the root trans with a similar meaning is present in many languages, and the existence of such a style is not recognized by all.

As a rule, such a composition implies the presence of a frame made of linear materials, for example, branches, twigs, wires, roots. Flowers are intricately woven into them. A vase, support or podium should not distract from the floral work itself.

These compositions use an alternative mount. The lightness of floral materials is emphasized by glass vessels with transparent or tinted water. Capacities here are an integral part of the compositions, especially in the work where the vertical is broken and the stems are given the shape of an arch, an arc.

It is worth noting that making the base of the composition heavier is also appropriate. This is a composition with daffodils inserted into pieces of dry hollow stems.

None of the elements in these works are simply technical, each of them carries a decorative load, emphasizing the beauty and peculiarities of the structure of flowers - the flexibility of the stems, the tenderness of the color, the whimsicality of the buds. These are ready-made "picture without frames" that look advantageous against the background of a flat wall. Combining natural minimalism with elegant luxury at the same time!

We are grateful to the PrimaVera school for the provided photographic materials.